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Secretive Bilderberg meeting to address Russia, cyber threats and Brexit with 130 of world’s elite

Julian Assange is showing symptoms of “psychological torture,” expert says

Royal College of Pyschiatrists warn doctors anti-depressants have dangerous side effects

#Geoengineering A month of mayhem: ‘Stuck’ weather pattern fuels hundreds of tornadoes

At least 225 twisters in 12 days: A historic tornado outbreak ravages the U.S.

Man sets himself on fire and is seen engulfed in flames near the White House

Nevada Democratic governor vetoes national popular vote bill

Joe Biden told a 10-year-old she’s ‘good-looking’ and touched her shoulders a month after vowing to respect women’s space

Biden’s son under scrutiny for helping #China spy on Muslims

On Venezuela, Tucker Airs Anti-Trump Ideas While Maddow Wants John Bolton To Be More Hawkish

Diana Ross Gets Supremely Bad Treatment from TSA in New Orleans

Pakistan Names IMF Economist as Central Bank Head Amid Bailout

Security lapse exposed a #China smart city #surveillance system

Pope Rejects ‘Excessive Demand for Sovereignty’, Pushes Idea of Global Authority

Jury awards $2 billion to couple claiming Monsanto’s Roundup gave them cancer

#Pizzagate: Something is Terribly Wrong With the “Pepper.Pics” Instagram Account

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Contrived Religious War: Fire at New Haven Mosque Was Intentionally Set, Fire Chief Says

Contrived Religious War: Gunmen kill six during Catholic mass in Burkina Faso

Does America Know Who Its Drone/Airstrike Victims Are?

Before Ethiopian Crash, Boeing Resisted Pilots’ Calls for Aggressive Steps on 737 Max

Google’s New World Order media bias: CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post are favorites

#Surveillance: San Francisco Becomes 1st to Ban Face Recognition Technology

#FreeBritney: Britney Spears May Never Perform Again, Manager Says

U.S. State Department orders departure of government employees from Iraq due to #Iran

The oil route that could be at the center of a U.S. warning of ‘unrelenting force’ against #Iran

Frustrated GOP senators want answers from Trump on #Iran

Can Congress Steer The U.S. Away From War With #Iran?

Researcher who spiked rabbit blood to fake HIV #vaccine results slapped with rare prison sentence

Rush To Produce, Sell #Vaccine Put Kids In Philippines At Risk

In #China Tech, ‘996’ Means Work, Work and More Work

#Vaccines: Millennials’ health plummets after the age of 27, study finds

Man does prank “made you look” hand signal, Cubs investigate as “white power” sign

Mother Says 12-Year-Old Daughter Was Taken To Clinic, Had Birth Control Implanted In Arm Against Her Will

Students walk out of Colorado school shooting vigil, saying their trauma was being politicized for #gun control

#Guns: The “Tactical Rabbi” helps synagogues defend against anti-Semitic violence

Inside #China’s Massive Surveillance Operation

“Thumbs up to integrity”: Beijing #China spruiks new propaganda music video celebrating the Social Credit System

Measles virus wipes cancer tumor the size of a golf ball in 36 hours

Superstar rapper Drake, who rails against climate change, buys massive private jet

#Election 2020: Bernie Sanders Released His Tax Returns. He’s Part of the 1%.

Mapping San Francisco’s Human Waste Challenge – 132,562 Cases Reported In The Public Way Since 2008

Obesity significantly increases risk of serious disease, researchers warn

#Fear of terrorism: Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi seen in new video for first time in years

#Fear of terrorism: Sri Lanka bans Muslim women from wearing face veil after Easter bombing attacks

Police: Army vet drove into people thinking they were Muslim

Venezuela banned private #gun ownership less than a decade ago

#Trump: U.S. military cuts back on Afghan war data

Trump White House has signaled it may seek permanent renewal of controversial #surveillance power

Trump: “#Saudi Arabia buys a lot, I don’t want to lose them”

Censorship: Facebook Bans Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Other Far-Right Figures

Merck 1Q net quadruples as cancer drug, #vaccine sales soar

Why Japan banned MMR #vaccine

U.S Navy Acknowledges: MMR #Vaccine Caused Viral Mumps Outbreak

Woman Injured From Flu #Vaccine Reaches $2.4M Settlement With U.S. Government

#Election 2020: Buttigieg now says he opposes religious and personal exemptions to vaccines

MMR #Vaccine Licensing Called Into Question Following ICAN’s Latest FOIA Exposure of FDA Coverup

Christian persecution “at near genocide levels”

IBM, Netflix, Amazon: 9 popular companies that paid $0 in taxes for 2018

Amazing Video Shows Bright Flash of Light When Sperm Meets Egg and Human Life Begins

End of April: Still a Time of Fire and Human Sacrifice

#FreeBritney: Is Britney Spears Being Held at a Mental Health Facility Against Her Will for MKULTRA?

#Pizzagate: The Complete Gallery of Kim Noble’s Paintings About Ritual Abuse

Reversing Climate Change using #Geoengineering

New Wave of Satellites Released to Pinpoint Greenhouse Gas Offenders

Seven Republican-run states increased gas taxes since 2017

#Fear of terrorism: Sri Lanka Attacks Mark the Birth of Terrorism 3.0

#Fear of terrorism: Sri Lanka Government Declares Curfew, Shuts Down Access to Major Social Media Sites

Contrived Religious War? Sri Lanka bombings were retaliation for Christchurch shooting, defense minister says

Contrived Religious War: Is Sri Lanka Easter Massacre a Bid to Revive Global Holy War?

Jerusalem’s Al-Asqa Mosque was struck by blaze at the same time Notre Dame was devastated by inferno

More detentions as death toll in Sri Lanka attacks rises to 359

VIDEO: Students appalled by footage of creepy Joe Biden touching women

New Study Confirms Electric Vehicles Considerably Worse For Climate Than Diesel Cars

#Surveillance: Amazon’s Alexa Team Can Access Users’ Home Addresses

California oppressive #vaccine rules advance over emotional opposition

Trump vetoes congressional Yemen resolution (resolution was to end #Saudi-led war)

Ron Paul on Julian Assange: He is a political prisoner

Trump on measles outbreaks, says people must get #vaccines

UCLA, Cal State LA To Quarantine Students Who Cannot Prove They Had Measles #Vaccines

Challenge to NYC measles #vaccine order dismissed by judge

CNBC: Why #China’s rise may call for “a new world order”

Mother detained after #vaccine protest in #China

Made in #China, Exported to the World: The #Surveillance State

#Surveillance: Facial recognition to replace passports, boarding passes at Tampa Intl. Airport

California signs up for #China’s Belt and Road Forum to “help in fight against climate change”

Similarities between Notre Dame Cathedral Spire collapse and “I, Pet Goat II”

Screengrab from

From September 2013: CGI 3D Animated Short “I, Pet Goat II” by – Heliofant (YouTube)

The Notre-Dame Rooster and Other Statues That Escaped the Fire

3D mapping of Notre Dame will help restoration

Man arrested after carrying gasoline cans into St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Ilhan Omar Is Right: Some People Did Something on 9/11 (YouTube)

Someone at Beto Rally holds “Beto Is Our Christ” Sign…

Three more women come forward with allegations against Biden after pledge to change behavior

An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden

“Gropey Uncle” Joe Biden has always been creepy and should stay out of 2020 race

Connecticut woman says then-Vice President Joe Biden touched her inappropriately at a Greenwich fundraiser in 2009

Joe Biden Likes Little Girls [Reupload] (YouTube)

House votes to end support for Yemen war, rebuffing Trump

#Saudi oil company most profitable in world, eclipses number two, Apple

From August 2005: Ben Shapiro fully supports Iraq War

Primary Source: The order declaring California’s high capacity magazine ban unconstitutional (#guns)

California’s #Gun Rush: Buying Frenzy for High-Capacity Magazines After Judge Lifts “Unconstitutional” Law

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead at 33 … And Some Say It’s a Conspiracy

Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Calls for Government Regulation of the Internet

Websites to be fined or blocked in UK for “online harms” under new proposals

UK to unleash internet safety czar on Google, Facebook, Twitter

Ex-Mozilla CTO: US border cops demanded I unlock my phone, laptop at SF airport – and I’m an American citizen

San Francisco Passes Ordinance Requiring Public Artwork to Depict More Women

San Francisco’s Slow-Motion Suicide

Plan For 5G Cell Phone Towers Raises Health Concerns In Bay Area

Teen Vogue Video: “This Idea That the Body Is Either Male of Female is Totally Wrong”

Mystery: Woman from #China Arrested at Mar-a-Lago Had a Hidden Camera Detector, Prosecutors Say

A New Chinese Mystery at Mar-a-Lago (#China)

From July 2017: Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children

FDA medical adviser: “Congress is owned by pharma” (#Vaccines)

NYC orders mandatory #vaccines for some amid measles outbreak

#Vaccines: Judge Lifts Rockland’s Measles Emergency Order Banning Unvaccinated Children From Public

From October 2016: US government spent over $500m on fake Al-Qaeda propaganda videos that tracked location of viewers

IMF Executive Board Approves US$4.2 Billion Extended Fund Facility for Ecuador…

…Ecuadorian Embassy gives up Assange after Seven Years

From July 2013: The leaked WikiLeaks documents from Bradley Manning

Facebook Accidentally Shipped VR Devices With Secret Messages Saying “Big Brother Is Watching” and “The Masons Were Here”

John Kerry in 2009: In 5 Years, the Arctic Will Be “Ice-Free”

United Nations Summit Seeks “New World Order” to “Transform the Way We Live”

Jurors say Roundup contributed to a 2nd man’s cancer. Now thousands more cases against Monsanto await

Mozambique’s president says cyclone death toll may be 1,000

Pundits who called Rand Paul a ‘Russian stooge’ should admit they’re stooges for the Democratic Party

EU adopts copyright reform

Senate votes down Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal 57-0

“Damn socialism, why are you chasing me?” Chinese-Americans see ghost of communism in Democrats’ leftward turn

Beto O’Rourke raises $6.1 million on first day, topping Sanders and all other rivals

Jussie Smollett Case Dismissed: Proof of Elite Corruption

The Jussie Smollett prosecutor “misled the public” about the dropped felony charges, a lawyers group says

The Ex-Model Who Claimed Silvio Berlusconi Hosted Satanic Rituals in His House Died From “Apparent Poisoning”

Mom Ignores Doctor When Her Sick 2-Year-Old Starts Feeling Better, Child Services Send a SWAT Team

The #CFR on China’s Massive Belt and Road Initiative

All new cars to be fitted with technology to stop drivers going over speed limit

Protestors Slam Rep. Adam Schiff For Efforts To Thwart #Vaccine “Misinformation” On Amazon, Google

“Vaccinate California” co-founder calls for government “officials” to review medical exemptions given by medical doctors in California… Claims those doctors are using fear to pursuade parents… Then uses fear to pursuade public policy

#Vaccines? Rate of dementia deaths in US has more than doubled, CDC says

Lyrica, Pfizer, and how big pharma gets what it wants

GoFundMe Bans Anti-vaxxers #vaccines

NY county bans unvaccinated minors from public places #vaccines

Vaccinated teacher contracts measles #vaccines

The Dangerous Flaws in Boeing’s Automated System…

…Boeing 737 Max makes emergency landing at Orlando International Airport

FDA allows genetically engineered “Frankenfish” salmon to be imported to U.S.

Illegal border crossings from Canada quietly rising, data shows

Trump Administration Steps Up Air War in Somalia

Jeffrey #Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, and Pals Accused of Sex-Trafficking Ring

A Florida Massage Parlor Owner Has Been Selling #China Execs Access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Pope Francis continues to push Agenda 21/Agenda 2030

Exclusive: Lawsuit says Johnson & Johnson was opioid “kingpin”

With Ethiopian Airlines crash, a second new Boeing 737 MAX 8 jet goes down

Pilots complained about the 737 Max in a federal database

Federal government spends $4.6M on crab and lobster tails in a month: Report

The U.S. Government Will Be Scanning Your Face At 20 Top Airports, Documents Show #Surveillance

Facebook Bans Zero Hedge

Amazon removes books promoting autism cures and #vaccine misinformation

“Colony of Hell”: 911 Calls From Inside Amazon Warehouses

Italy bans unvaccinated children from school #vaccines

Lawyers’ Committee Names Names in New 9/11 Grand Jury Filing

Scientists call for Protection from “cellular and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and baby monitors as well as electric devices and infra-structures used in the delivery of electricity that generate extremely-low frequency electromagnetic field”

Joint Chiefs Chairman: Google “Is Indirectly Benefiting The Chinese Military”

Florida Bill Would Jail Minors for Posting Pictures of #Guns

From May 2008: Mind Control by Cell Phone

Experts On High Alert After Dead, Sick Dolphins Wash Ashore On California Coastline

Ilhan Omar: Obama’s a “pretty face” who got “away with murder”

The Denver Airport Installs a Talking Gargoyle That Says “Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters”

Something is Terribly Wrong With The Children’s Clothing Line Caroline Bosmans

There is still a huge problem with YouTube Kids

Horrified mom discovers suicide instructions in video on YouTube and YouTube Kids

George Pell: cardinal found guilty of child sexual assault

#China chat log leak shows scope of #surveillance

Ocasio-Cortez leaves parade in 17 mpg minivan — blocks from the subway

Ocasio-Cortez: People Maybe Shouldn’t Reproduce Due To Climate Change

CNN didn’t disclose Democratic Party ties of questioners in Sanders town hall

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons blast mandatory #vaccines

Rep. Adam Schiff sends letter to Amazon requesting censhorship of anti-#vaccine messages

Anti-#vaccine movies disappear from Amazon after CNN Business report

Facebook to remove anti-#vaccination recommendations after backlash

Philippines to charge Sanofi officials over dengue #vaccination deaths

NBA to offer content across all Alibaba platforms in expanded deal with #China

Trump says he agrees 100 percent with keeping U.S. troops in Syria

Trump Cancels U.S. Report on Civilian Deaths in Drone Strikes

Boeing nominates former Trump United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley to board

“We did not sign up to develop weapons”: Microsoft workers protest $480m HoloLens military deal

Kanye West Is Contractually Barred From Retiring

Whole Foods cuts workers’ hours after introducing minimum wage

#China’s social credit system shows its teeth, banning millions from taking flights, trains

#China: surveillance company found tracking 2.5 million people

#China data leak exposes vast hi-tech surveillance operation in Xinjiang

Venezuela was my home, and socialism destroyed it. Slowly, it will destroy America, too.

AT&T, Disney, Epic Games drop YouTube ads over concerns of pedophile comments on videos…

…On YouTube, a network of pedophiles is hiding in plain sight

Google says the built-in microphone it never told Nest users about was “never supposed to be a secret”

Prosecutors Broke Law in Agreement Not to Prosecute Jeffrey #Epstein, Judge Rules

FDA chief: Federal government might step in if states don’t change lax #vaccine laws

YouTube Just Demonetized Anti-#Vaccine Channels

Arizona panel votes to expand #vaccine exemptions

Pinterest blocks #vaccine-related searches in all-or-nothing approach to policing health misinformation

#Vaccines: High schools not prepared for coming “tsunami” of children with autism

In Washington State, Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce New #Gun-Control Law

At “World Government Summit,” Globalists Push United Nations Agenda 2030

Arizona: You may soon have to give your DNA to the state and pay $250 for the privilege

What Happened in Douma? Searching for Facts in the Fog of Syria’s Propaganda War

United Nations IPCC Scientist Blows Whistle on Lies About Climate, Sea Level

Facebook under pressure to halt rise of anti-#vaccine groups

Pfizer’s Best-Selling Drug Is Actually a #Vaccine—and Its Price Keeps Increasing… Mainly due to the CDC recommending it

Lower tax refunds: Getting a smaller refund doesn’t mean you’re paying more in total in taxes… Much of your tax savings showed up in each paycheck, which could result in a smaller refund

Americans continue their march to low-tax states

Eighty per cent of Vatican priests are gay according to new book

Cory Booker Says Meat Eaters’ Days Are Numbered

Washington Post: Trump’s war on socialism will fail

Most current measles patients in Houston area had #vaccine

Australian Mag: It should be illegal to be a stay-at-home mom

Pentagon official: Military ready to protect U.S. personnel, facilities in Venezuela

The U.S. shipped weapons and secrets to the #Saudis and Emiratis. Now, some are in the hands of fighters linked to al Qaeda and Iran

Anti-war Democrat Tulsi Gabbard already labeled as Russian asset by Mainstream Media

Primary Source: Green New Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to pay for her Green New Deal by printing more money

Ron Paul Liberty Report: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” is Commie Red

Ocasio-Cortez: Fixing Global Warming Requires “Massive Government Intervention”

#Saudi Arabia Sought Vice’s Help to Build a Media Empire

Justice Department opens probe into Jeffrey #Epstein plea deal

Huge wooden cross washes ashore on Fort Lauderdale beach

Coming to terms with our weird, wicked world

Jeff Bezos Protests the Invasion of His Privacy, as Amazon Builds a Sprawling #Surveillance State for Everyone Else

CrossFit lover “was left paralyzed after having the flu #vaccine”

VIDEO: Venezuelan socialism victims send message to American socialists

Amoral New York Times: Raising Children Without the Concept of Sin

Arizona lawmaker: All ingredients, side effects must be disclosed before any #vaccine

7-year-old dies in Ajman after school #vaccine

Parents denied access to their children’s medical records by law

PG&E files for bankruptcy amid wildfire lawsuits

Censorship: YouTube to curb recommending conspiracy videos

Is Big Tech Merging With Big Brother? Kinda Looks Like It

YouTube Tweaks Recommendations Algorithm To Block Videos By Flat Earthers, 9/11 Truthers

Mysterious Twitter account helped spread controversial encounter between Native American elder and high school students

3 men sentenced in Kansas plot to kill Somali Muslims

America’s Other Endless War: Battling al-Shabaab in Somalia

FBI finds no specific motive in Vegas attack that killed 58

The Deeper Meaning of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”

Propaganda: Climate Change Leads to More Wars and Refugees…

Record Cold Forces Rethink on Global Warming

Brutal cold-air outbreak is smashing records in the Midwest Thursday morning

Virginia Gov. Northam faces backlash for comments on 3rd-trimester abortion bill: “Morally repugnant”

Fyre Festival, Theranos and Our Never-Ending Scam Season

Generation of web addicts: Children spend more time on YouTube than with friends

Steve Jobs Never Wanted Us to Use Our iPhones Like This

From Octover 2016: Spain Has No Government For 10 Months – Economy Grows, Unemployment Falls To 18.9%

Among the WHO’s “Ten threats to global health in 2019” are climate change and “#vaccine-hesitancy”…

From December 2018: United Nations Climate Summit To Emit More CO2 Than 8,200 American Homes Do In A Year

Kevin Mallory: The churchgoing patriot who spied for #China

“A blizzard of prescriptions”: Documents reveal new details about Purdue’s marketing of OxyContin

Facebook’s “10 Year Challenge” Is Just a Harmless Meme—Right? #surveillance

Deepfake videos and the new disinformation war

Fears U.S. military “hiding” something in the skies after mysterious “blobs” appear on radar… #chemtrail #geoengineering

Radar mystery hasn’t been solved yet #chemtrail #geoengineering

Bizarre Raw video: Interview with woman accused of stalking Paradise Valley man, mentions Illuminati, number 33 (YouTube)

Mastercard to make a card that has a digital #vaccine record of children in the poorest countries

Russian Patriarch Warns “Antichrist” Will Control Humans Through Gadgets

20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave Radiation Over Entire Earth

U.S. Has “Begun The Process” Of Withdrawing From Syria, Pentagon Says

Leading cancer expert dies suddenly after a routine yellow fever #vaccine

Consumers may be unaware of suicide risks associated with popular prescription drugs

Inside the #Rothschild-Inspired “Illuminati Ball” New Year’s Eve

The Gilded (But Lonely) Life of Baron Ferdinand #Rothschild

Book delves into the #Rothschild collection of bizarre objects associated with death and dying

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel tells staff he’s being suspended over massacre response #guns

From November 2011: Europe Bans Airport Body Scanners For “Health and Safety” Concerns

Netflix drops satire episode critical of #Saudi Arabia

U.S. Department of State issues #China Travel Advisory

#China Arrested 100 Christians After Blocking Their Phones and Social Media

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Suggests Super Wealthy be Taxed Up to 70% to Fund “Green New Deal”

Mexico to become third country to legalize marijuana

Vaccingate in Italy: Contamination and toxins found in #vaccines, but no antigens

Re-analysis of CDC Data Suggests Need for Further Investigation on MMR #Vaccine and Autism, according to Article in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

Hemp is now legal in the U.S.

Trump officially signs into law farm bill legalizing industrial hemp

Washington Post: Welcome to the world of President Rand Paul

Ron Paul: A 50% correction will spark depression-like conditions that may be “worse than 1929”

Smart homes: Live microphones in your home

Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

Nvidia’s Scary AI Generates Humans That Look 100% Real

Scientists Will Begin #Geoengineering Experiment And Try To Block The Sun

Woody Allen’s Secret Teen Lover Speaks: Sex, Power and a Conflicted Muse Who Inspired “Manhattan”

#China’s African debt-trap: Beijing prepares to seize Kenya’s port of Mombasa

Trump administration moves to ban bump stocks

Federal judge in Texas strikes down Affordable Care Act

Democrat On Why He Voted to Prolong Yemen War: “I Don’t Know a Damn Thing About It”

How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime (#Epstein)

Skull and Bones, a #saudi gift, a letter quitting the NRA, and more… George Bush’s Life in 13 Objects

George Bush and David Rockefeller

Revolutionary France challenges Macron on climate change policy

Chinese boy dies after being given MMR #vaccine

Jeffrey #Epstein, registered sex offender, settles civil lawsuit and avoids testimony from alleged victims

“The Secret Teachings of All Ages”: The Ultimate Reference in Occult Symbolism

Republican Senators Who Tried to Kill Yemen War Resolution Were Paid by #Saudi Lobbyists

Truth about CIA’s illegal MKUltra mind-control experiments – using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices- revealed in sensational new documents officials hid for decades

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion’s “Genderless” Clothing Line

#Pizzagate: How Kevin Spacey vanished off the face of the earth

Google News may shut over EU plans to charge tax for links

Rise of the Western Dissidents

Northrop Grumman wins $490 million U.S. defense contract: Pentagon

Trump’s Amoral #Saudi Statement Is a Pure Expression of Decades-Old “U.S. Values” and Foreign Policy Orthodoxies

Pentagon fails its first ever audit

#Surveillance: Venezuela rolls out new ID card manufactured in #China that can track, reward and punish citizens

UK firms ready to microchip thousands of employees

The World Economic Forum Talks About “Mind Control Using Sound Waves”

Video shows the terrifying drive to escape massive fire in Paradise, California

“My family escaped socialism, now my fellow democrats think we should move the party in it direction”

Artists, “intellectuals” call for European Republic…

EU Resolution Demands Critics of LGBT and Islam Be Prosecuted

Democrats Plan to Pursue Most Aggressive #Gun-Control Legislation in Decades

Newly Unsealed Documents Show Top FDIC Officials Running Operation Choke Point

Social media use increases depression and loneliness, study finds

Interview: “I did not believe I would leave prison in #China alive”

Don’t have measles #vaccine? Gym, restaurant are banning you

#Gun-rights advocates file lawsuit to block I-1639, the gun regulations (gun control) measure in Washington state

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of #vaccines, Under Oath – Part 1/9 (YouTube)

FDA Approves Powerful New Opioid Despite Warnings of Likely Abuse

Second Migrant Caravan Storms into Mexico

The Satanic Temple says Netflix’s “Sabrina” stole Baphomet statue design, is “taking legal action”

Pork gelatine use in NHS #vaccines “disappointing”

Inside UNICEF’s Bizarre 2018 Masquerade Ball (United Nations)

Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore claims Pope Francis told him “capitalism is a sin” at a recent meeting in the Vatican City

Rise of the Armed Left

From April 2018:The DNC’S Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks Poses a Serious Threat to Press Freedom

The Tragedy of #Saudi Arabia’s War

#Saudis’ Image Makers: A Troll Army and a Twitter Insider

The Secret Lives of Central Bankers

From October 2015: Evidence that Food Proteins in Vaccines Cause the Development of Food Allergies and Its Implications for #Vaccine Policy (Study)

#RFID Chip: Thousands of Swedes are getting microchip IDs inserted into their hands to swipe into homes, offices, concerts and even to access social media

Middle school “Satanists” arrested for mass murder plot in Bartow

#Pizzagate: Kevin Spacey’s movie Gore is about pedophilia with boys

From January 1999: Public should be told that #vaccines may have long term adverse effects (Study)

The Pentagon’s Push to Program Soldiers’ Brains

#China: Chinese City Wants to Launch Fake Moon to Illuminate Its Streets

The Disturbing Meaning of Poppy’s “Time is Up”

Sen. Rand Paul: It’s time to rethink America’s relationship with #Saudi Arabia — It is not our friend

#Saudi Arabia transfers $100 million to U.S. on day of Pompeo visit to discuss missing journalist

#Saudi Arabia: Audio Offers Gruesome Details of Jamal Khashoggi Killing, Turkish Official Says

#Vaccines? As U.S. fertility rates collapse, finger-pointing and blame follow

American mercenaries went to Yemen to carry out targeted killings

Internet Censorship Just Took An Unprecedented Leap Forward, And Hardly Anyone Noticed

Twin Cities Woman Undergoes Arm Surgery After Flu #Vaccine

#China: Chinese Officer Is Extradited to U.S. to Face Charges of Economic Espionage

Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

Mysterious eerie hum from sky lasting 45 minutes with “air vibrating” baffles locals

Leaked Transcript of Private Meeting Contradicts Google’s Official Story on #China

#Saudi Women Who Fought for the Right to Drive Are Disappearing and Going Into Exile

The Big Hack: How #China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

Rand Paul’s wife Kelley: We have faced intimidation and threats

#Surveillance: That sign telling you how fast you’re driving may be spying on you

#Censorship: The EU “meme ban” explained

#Agenda 2030: Smart-city tech sees a jumpstart from #5G

Why #5G keeps security experts awake

384 dead in Indonesia tsunami, quake; residents camp outside

#China: Chinese Spy Living In Chicago Arrested

Saving pets without a permit: Good Samaritan arrested after helping animals survive Florence

#Censorship: James Woods Suspended From Twitter Over Satirical Meme That Could “Impact An Election”

Generation being born now is the last to be free – Assange in last interview before blackout

Beyoncé Accused of “Extreme Witchcraft” by Ex-Drummer

Leaked Memo Shows US Overlooked Mass Civilian Deaths In Yemen To Preserve Arms Sales

More than five million children in Yemen risk starving to death as food and fuel prices soar

First He Praised Castro. Now “Salt Bae” Chef Lavishes Venezuela’s Maduro With Steak Dinner

#Censorship: EU to give internet firms 1 hour to remove extremist content

From April 2016: Most of Europe Is a Lot Poorer than Most of the United States

U.S. Senator claims Britain’s MI6 is planning a fake chemical weapons attack on Syria

Group: Officials destroying crosses, burning bibles in #China

Apple bans Infowars app from store

New York subpoenas #Catholic dioceses in sex abuse probe: source

Seventeen years after Sept. 11, Al Qaeda may be stronger than ever

Security Alerts, Disabled Fire Alarms, and Unused Elevators: Suspicious Events at the World Trade Center Before 9/11

The US has spent $1.5 trillion on war since Sept 11 attacks

From September 2011: 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory (YouTube)

Donald Trump’s Former ICE Chief to Be Honored at Notorious Anti-Muslim Convention

The U.S. Is Building a Drone Base in Niger That Will Cost More Than $280 Million by 2024

Trump: Facebook, Twitter, Google are “treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful”

From July 2017: A Complete History Of John McCain Calling For War Around The World

The Disturbing “Momo Challenge” Leads to Bizarre Teen Suicides

#Guns: America doesn’t actually lead the world in mass shootings

#Guns: The school shootings that weren’t

#Catholic Church: Cardinal outrageously says Pope Francis “has a bigger agenda” than addressing Pope’s alleged coverup

#Catholic Church: Pope Francis covered up McCarrick abuse, former US nuncio testifies (OFFICIAL TEXT)

#Catholic Church: Pope Francis’ speech was “disgraceful” and contained “extraordinary deflection”, victims claim

#Vaccines: Life expectancy declines seen in U.S. and other high-income countries

#Vaccines: Aluminum could cause multiple sclerosis, say scientists who link the disease to high levels of metal in the brain

Primary Source: Grand Jury report on child sex abuse within the Catholic Church (PDF)

#Saudi Arabian airstrike: Bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen was supplied by U.S.

Australian Senator Calls for “Final Solution,” a Nazi euphemism for genocide, to Muslim Immigration in call for total ban of Muslim immigrants

#Saudi Arabian airstrike: 44 Small Graves Stir Questions About U.S. Policy in Yemen

#Saudi Arabian airstrike: The schoolboys on a field trip in Yemen were chatting and laughing. Then came the airstrike.

“Glaring Gap” Seen in DNA Privacy Pledges by 23andMe, Ancestry

Jury declares Roundup, by Monsanto (now Bayer), is cancerous

#Pizzagate: Catholic Church Priests ran child porn ring in Pittsburgh diocese: state AG’s grand jury report

A culture of secrecy that perpetuated abuse at the Catholic Church

#Glyphosate #GMO #Monsanto: Weed-killing chemical found in cereals, oat products, report says

#China rips down posters of Jesus and replaces them with President Xi and ban kids visiting Church

FCC hits Alex Jones’ radio station with $15K fine

From June 2008: Japanese Lawmaker takes 9/11 doubts global

Your favorite California wine may contain radioactive particles — from Japan

Meet the U.S. Officials Who Now Lobby for #China

Santa Barbara Authorizes Jail Time for Handing Out Straws

Were occult practices behind India’s “house of mass hangings”?

Donald Trump could be ready to order a strike against Iran, Australian Government figures say

U.S. Secret Wars in Africa Rage on, Despite Talk of Downsizing

Facebook As The Ultimate Government #Surveillance Tool?

#Pizzagate: Late Mother Teresa’s Order Investigated For Child Trafficking In India

Anthony Bourdain interview is published one month after his suicide: Celebrity chef unloads on “rapey, gropey and disgusting” Bill Clinton and hopes Weinstein is “beaten to death in jail”

Video Montage: Cable News Sees the Apocalypse in Trump/Putin Summit

Horror in India: 22 men raped 12-year-old girl for 7 months, 17 held

India: 11 bodies, 10 of them hanging, found at New Delhi home… handwritten notes found point “toward observance of some definite spiritual or mystical practices by the whole family”

How to tell if you’re talking to a bot

#Vaccines: The EPA Is Hiding Proof That Formaldehyde Causes Leukemia

FDA Website: “Formaldehyde is diluted during the vaccine manufacturing process, but residual quantities of formaldehyde may be found in some current vaccines.”

YouTube debuts plan to promote and fund “authoritative” news

Trump pardons ranchers whose arrests led to armed occupation of wildlife refuge

Czech PM inks power-sharing deal with Communists

Brett Kavanaugh: “In my view the Government’s metadata collection program is entirely consistent with the Fourth Amendment.” #surveillance

Brett Kavanaugh: “The Earth Is Warming”

#Surveillance: Facebook wants to spy on you by hiding secret inaudible messages in TV ads that force your phone to record your private conversations, patent reveals

Child migrants being drugged with psychotropics, forced to take #vaccines at detainment camp

Amazon Makes $1 Billion Splash in Health Care, Buying PillPack

#Pizzagate: Ivy League student known for fighting sexual violence is charged with child sex crimes

Man allegedly threatens to chop up Rand Paul and his family with an ax

#Surveillance: How Smart TVs in Millions of U.S. Homes Track More Than What’s On Tonight

Anthony Bourdain participated in death ritual months before suicide

U.S. #Inflation Accelerates to Six-Year High, Eroding Wages

Beware the long-lost threat of #inflation

Common Drugs May Be Contributing to Depression, including Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen

Patrick Soon-Shiong vows to “fight fake news” despite being pharmaceutical billionaire… will also become chairman of the California News Group

Chinese pharmaceutical billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong buys LA Times

Nine-year-old in rehab after becoming addicted to Fortnite video game

#Surveillance: Face scans to be required for international travelers at Orlando airport

Australian government freaks out because of billboard asking “do you know what’s in a #vaccine?” Calls it “dangerous,” “a conspiracy theory”

Here are the photos of Obama’s illegal immigrant detention facilities

Inside Casa Padre, the converted Walmart where the U.S. is holding nearly 1,500 immigrant children who receive mandatory #vaccines within 72 hours of arriving

From March 2018: Bilderberg attendee and Colorodo Governor John Hickenlooper inches toward 2020 presidential race

From April 2018: #Vaccine Sales Solid for Glaxo

#Cashless: Trump’s Latest Pick for the Fed Is No Fan of Paper Money

5G service is coming – and so are health concerns over the towers that support it

Information on Bilderberg Meeting 2018

Vatican Secretary of State attending elite Bilderberg meeting

Owned by Amazon, Whole Foods halts plan to require mandatory GMO labeling

How Jesus Died: Rare Evidence of Roman Crucifixion Found

Facebook Gave Data Access to #China Firm Flagged by U.S. Intelligence

Valedictorian in IL forced to remove references to God from speech

A Secretive Investor in Triple Crown Contender Justify: George Soros

Op-ed: What Islamophobic politicians can learn from Mormons

#Fascism because of #fear of terrorism: Austria’s government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to 40 foreign-funded imams in crackdown against Islam

Google listed “Nazism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party

People in Sweden are getting RFID chips implanted

#Guns: School district shuts down information after Stoneman Douglas shooting

#Vaccines? U.S. birth rates drop to lowest since 1987

Why is a government drone flying over a Sacramento neighborhood?

Google imagines a future of total data collection, where it guides the behavior of entire populations

Muslims forced to drink alcohol and eat pork in #China’s re-education camps

How Bad Is The Government’s Science? Half the results published in peer-reviewed scientific journals are probably wrong

From November 2017: Prince William warns that there are too many people in the world… then proceeds to have his third child

Kasich privately met with billionaire (globalist) donor amid possible presidential bid: report

From February 2018: Ikea Hires Bea Akerlund to Create a Blatant Monarch Mind Control Ad Campaign

Why Aren’t U.S. Liberals Outraged About Alfie Evans?

The goal of Communism: Study says people less religious when dependent on the government, states “the power and order emanating from God can be outsourced to the government”…

Government accidentally sends file on “remote mind control” methods to journalist

#Surveillance: Bill #Gates backs a $1 billion plan to cover Earth in “Big Brother” satellites capable of streaming live and unfiltered HD footage of the planet

How #India reacts to the Kathua perversion will determine if the nation’s moral slide can be arrested

#India: In J-K child gangrape, rituals, a chilling invite and a police cover-up

Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” (#Vaccines)

Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit

#Agenda 2030: Ikea Prepares for Future of Mega Cities and “Thin Wallets”

“Columbus shows Trump how to thrive in the new world order” by aiming to become an Agenda 2030 smart city…

Here’s A List Of The Times Trump Warned Against Getting Involved In Syria

Sky News abruptly ends segment when former head of British Armed Forces questions Syria gas attack

#Surveillance: India requires fingerprints, iris scans and face scans for welfare benefits, buying mobile phones, taking school exams, opening bank accounts, pensions… And the system is being studied by Britain, Russia, Sri Lanka, Philippines

College student with measles had MMR #vaccine

#Saudi Crown Prince meets with Bush family, directors of Google, Facebook and Palantir, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, others

Essence of the New World Order and #Agenda 2030: “Empty half the Earth of its humans. It’s the only way to save the planet”- calls for “progressive taxation” and tightly-controlled green megacities to save humanity

Yellen gets post-Fed payday in private meetings with Wall St. elite

The “Dangerous to Our Democracy” Viral Video and its Hypocritical Media Coverage

YouTube Bans Firearms Demo Videos, Entering the #Gun Control Debate

#China to ban citizens with bad “social credit” rating from taking flights or using trains for up to a year

#China Insists on Control of Religion

#Saudi Crown Prince Books Entire Four Seasons Hotel for L.A. Stay

Father of Pulse gunman was FBI informant

YouTube Will Fight “Conspiracy” Videos Using Wikipedia

China’s Long Arm Reaches Into American Campuses

Expert warns of “terrifying” potential of digitally-altered video

Gina Haspel, Trump’s Choice for C.I.A., Played Role in Torture Program

#Vaccines? Fertility rates down around world

Trump appoints CIA Chief as new Secretary of State

#Guns: California High School teacher on leave after questioning school shooting walkout

Some Republicans pushing internet sales tax

#Saudi Arabia is building a $500 billionn megacity that’s 33 times the size of NYC

From February 2017: #Vaccines linked to mental disorders by Yale study

#China drowns out critics of lifetime Xi presidency

#Vaccines big money maker: flu vaccine brings $2.4 billion for Sanofi and GSK in 2017 alone; Pfizer Inc.’s Prevnar, a pneumonia vaccine, was its top-selling product last year bringing in $5.6 billion; Merck & Co. has $2.3 billion-in-sales of Gardasil; Sanofi’s vaccine against polio and whooping cough about a $2 billion-a-year business

Watch Dianne Feinstein Erupt With Glee After Trump Seems to Endorse Her Assault Weapons Ban (#guns)

Bernie Sanders Fined for Colluding with Australian Labor Party

Trump: “Take the guns first, go through due process second”

Trump says he’ll ban bump stocks through executive order (#guns)

Trump on China’s Xi consolidating power: “Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day”

Gas prices are heading back toward $3 a gallon

President of European Commission to unveil statue of communist Karl Marx donated by #China

Parkland school shooting: 4 Broward County Sheriff Deputies remained outside the school during shooting (#guns)

The New York Times calls for repealing the Second Amendment… Again (#guns)

Parkland school shooting: CNN gives shooting survivor scripted question #guns

Communist #China, responsible for killing 45-75 million people under Mao, tells U.S. to ban #guns

Article shows just how regulated and controlled #guns already are

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Retweets and Defends Bogus News Story on #guns

NBC Bay Area Investigation reveals a dangerous mix of drug needles, garbage, and feces throughout downtown San Francisco

Rand Paul bids to mold the GOP in his image

Trump pushes for ban on #gun bump stocks

The media should stop fawning over Kim Jong Un’s sister. She’s an emissary of a vicious regime

Estrogen mimicker Bisphenol A found in 86% of teenagers’ bodies…

From February 2009: BPA results in reduced sperm production, undescended testes, decreased testosterone production in males; abnormalities in eggs, an increased risk of mammary cancers, and early puberty in females

From February 2012: Shyness, grieving soon to be classified as mental illness

CNN says Russian bots promote #guns after Florida shooting

Consumer prices jump much more than forecast, sparking #inflation fears

Some Schools Consider Banning “Best Friends”

Joe Kennedy: Pro-NSA #Surveillance, pro gun control

Gamer in #China is paralyzed from the waist down following a nonstop 20-hour internet cafe binge

Sweet Jesus: The Disturbing Marketing of a Trendy Ice Cream Franchise (#symbolism)

Pope Francis to Bow to #China With Concession on Bishops… See the Pope’s calls for Communism here

Extreme #surveillance at the Super Bowl

Blood moon to trigger satanic sex #rituals of human/animal sacrifice…

Flu kills 8 in Santa Barbara in 2 weeks, all but one had the flu #vaccine

Military-Industrial Complex: Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop, Raytheon stocks all up

Michigan State Senator: #Vaccine concerns aren’t fringe

Vatican “asks underground bishops in #China to stand aside for government-backed ones”

Google Home smart speaker doesn’t know who Jesus is but can identify Muhammad, Buddha and Satan

CBS46 anchor Ben Swann (who reported on #pizzagate) suspended after he tries to revive Reality Check

Twitter Engineer Admits to Banning Accounts that Express Interest in God, Guns, and America

University rejects Chinese #Communist Party-linked influence efforts on campus

Tillerson Vows U.S. Forces Will Stay in Syria to Overthrow Assad

People flocking to low-tax states could swing future elections

From May 2009: Oprah, who may run for president, meets with Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, David #Rockefeller, Ted Turner, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and others

Media calls for oversight of homeschooling… links homeschooling to “anti-vax” movement

Forget about Siri and Alexa- When it comes to voice identification, the NSA reigns supreme… #surveillance

House Extends #Surveillance Law, Rejecting New Privacy Safeguards… Trump supports the anti-liberty, anti-fourth amendment bill FISA

Cliven Bundy standoff case thrown out in another stunning blow to government

A Federal Ban on Making Lethal Viruses Is Lifted

#China Snares Innocent and Guilty Alike to Build World’s Biggest DNA Database (#surveillance)

Universal healthcare? Badly strained UK hospitals to delay non-urgent procedures

Flu season expected to be bad, #vaccine may only be 10 percent effective against it

Flu #vaccine: 20% of doctors won’t be getting vaccine over “concerns of effectiveness”

This year’s flu season set to be one of the worst ever, #vaccine only 10% effective

#Socialism: Venezuela opposition banned from running in 2018 election

Birth control pills still linked to breast cancer, study finds

Climate Change Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise

In a Venezuela Ravaged by Inflation, “a Race for Survival”

New York Times says witchcraft on the rise

How insertable #rfid microchips could unlock the future

Why ESPN Could Abandon NFL Football

Communism Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Actor Anthony Rapp: Kevin Spacey Made A Sexual Advance Toward Me When I Was 14 #pizzagate

Kevin Spacey

All eyes on you: what is the future of public #surveillance?

George Washington’s Virginia church taking down his memorial

#Saudi prince’s plan for a $640b futuristic #megacity

U.S. widens #surveillance to include “homegrown violent extremists” – documents

Tucker Carlson: #Vegas massacre conspiracy theories fill the void

From July 2016: Facebook iPhone Listening into our Conversations for Advertising (YouTube)

Stephen Paddock’s Missing Hard Drive Complicates Las #Vegas Case…

Kymberley Suchomel, eye witness to #Vegas shooting claimed “100%” there were multiple shooters, dies suddenly at only 28 years old

#Surveillance: Google’s Home Mini needed a software patch to stop some of them from recording everything

Inside the CIA’s Black Torture Room

Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in California

U.S. Exits Corrupt, #Communist-led UNESCO (part of the United Nations)

#Communist UNESCO Boss Seeks Corrupt Successor to Escape Justice (part of the United Nations)

Chinese woman blinded in one eye after playing video game likened to electronic heroin

Shooting in Caboolture, Australia shows #gun control doesn’t work… But article appears to be deleted

NRA Backs New Regulations on Rapid-Fire #Gun “Bump Stocks”

New York Times on #guns: calls to Repeal the Second Amendment

#Vegas alleged shooter’s brother has bizarre interview

Now schools are ditching AD and BC in RE lessons to avoid offending non-#Christians

Trump Administration Lobbying Hard for Sweeping #Surveillance Law

#Communism: Muslims in #China say they are being told to hand over Qurans or face “harsh punishments”

California lawmaker wants to ban gas car sales after 2040

From 1983: The Subversion Factor with G. Edward Griffin (YouTube)

Army investigating West Point grad’s pro-communist social media posts

Survey: Just A Quarter Of Americans Can Name All 3 Branches Of Government

#Fluoride exposure in utero linked to lower IQ in kids, study says

MIT Professor with creepy version of the suburb of the future: smaller houses and lots, no garages or driveways, drone ports, regionalism

Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year

UAF study challenges theories on why third World Trade Center building collapsed on Sept. 11

Fraud: Trump Administration Seeks to Avoid Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord

Poll: Nearly 4 In 10 Americans Can’t Name Any First Amendment Rights

How the NSA Built a Secret Surveillance Network for Ethiopia

Hands On with the TSA’s New “Enhanced” Pat-Down Procedure

NSA Quietly Awarded a Classified $2.4 Billion Tech Contract With More to Come

For this company, online #surveillance leads to profit in Washington’s suburbs

#Geoengineering: Winds, fire, floods and quakes plague North America

Bill de Blasio, Communist?: “Look, if I had my druthers, the city government would determine every single plot of land, how development would proceed. And there would be very stringent requirements around income levels and rents. That’s a world I’d love to see…”

#Geoengineering? Weird microburst slams California beach town with rain, blows over umbrellas

The Southern Poverty Law Center Has $69 Million Parked Overseas

Virgin Islands Allows National Guard To Seize Guns, Ammo Ahead Of Hurricane Irma

Philippines: Exorcist warns “Illuminati satanists” are giving Filipinos “cursed rosaries”

The Secret History of FEMA

How our immune systems could stop humans reaching Mars

YouTube accused of censorship over new bid to limit access to videos

Dutch scientists say human lifespan has limit of about 115 years (Bible says 120)

Report from the Center for Biological Diversity calls for reduced reproduction, long-term population reduction and “post-growth addicted society”

Witchcraft’s popularity on the rise

Police: 3 Seattle brothers arrested spent majority of lives sexually abusing children, involved in Satanic #rituals (#pizzagate)

Rand Paul: No, the feds shouldn’t give war machines to the police

From February 2017: Scientists Seed Clouds to Make Rain (#Geoengineering)

#China Builds One of the World’s Largest #Geoengineering Research Programs

JP Morgan, Apple donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center

S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster issues executive order cutting off state, local money from abortion clinics

Court rules high school football coach cannot pray on the field

At Beijing #China book fair, publishers admit self-censorship

#Fear of terrorim: Mayor of Venice says anyone who shouts “Allahu Akbar” in his city will be shot by snipers

After intimate pat-down, she wonders how much privacy must we give up to the #TSA to fly safely?

Parents’ anger after kindergarten lesson has student’s transgender reveal occur mid-class

#Vaccines: A Striking Rise in Serious Allergy Cases as Insurance claims for dangerous reactions to foods like peanuts, eggs and dairy have increased by nearly five times over the past decade

Are solar eclipses proof of God?

War is peace: Trump wants to use military to force peace talks with Taliban

Rand Paul: 16 years on, it’s past time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan

From October 2004: Trump gets money from globalist George Soros to finance Chicago skyscraper

From August 2015: Scientists say fetal tissue remains essential for #vaccines and developing treatments

Eugenics: Down Syndrome down in Iceland due to abortion

#Vaccines? Sperm Count in Western Men Has Dropped Over 50 Percent Since 1973, Paper Finds

New York Times says women had better sex under Communism

People too busy to care that our technology is spying on us

#China working on “repression network” that lets cameras identify cars – and humans – with unprecedented accuracy

From July 2014: The Details About the CIA’s Deal With Amazon

USA Today: You will get #chipped, eventually

Bloomberg glad Americans are dying younger because it saves corporations billions of dollars

Planned Parenthood: Teach your preschoolers “their genitals don’t determine their gender”

The global crackdown on parents who refuse #vaccines for their kids has begun

Wisconsin company holds “#chip party” to microchip workers

Trump Got This One Right: Shutting down the CIA’s ghost war in Syria

Australia Weather Bureau Caught Tampering With Climate Numbers

Monsanto Emails Raise Issue of Influencing Research on Roundup Weed Killer

Special Report: The Legacy of Barack Obama

Parts of feminism merging with Witchcraft

Stephen Hawkings says getting out of the global Paris Climate Accords will cause Earth to be destroyed, leaving it with 250 degree temperatures similar to Venus

Tower of human skulls in Mexico casts new light on Aztecs

#Vaccines? The U.S. fertility rate just hit a historic low. Why some demographers are freaking out

Judge blocks California’s high-capacity magazine ban (#guns)

A #Chemtrail was filmed being created by a Boeing 787… #Geoengineering

Samsung’s “peeping Tom” smartphones can watch what you do on the web while monitoring your emails to target you with ads

One example of how news organizations misled the public on #guns

U.S. forces interrogate prisoners in secret torture prisons in Yemen

From October 2010: In $3.6B King Deal, #Vaccine maker Pfizer Gets a Small but Important EpiPen Monopoly

#Pizzagate: BBC Gives Platform To Pedophile Who Calls It A “Sexual Orientation”

Inside the rehab saving young men from their internet addiction

Amazon buys Whole Foods

#Christian church destroyed as police in #China drag worshippers into street and beat them

Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill #Gates

President Trump, Henry #Kissinger Meet In Oval Office

Bangladesh prime minister says #Clinton personally pressured her to help foundation donor

From July 2015: How #Saudi Arabia manipulates foreign media outlets

US-#Saudi Arabia seal weapons deal worth nearly $110 billion immediately, $350 billion over 10 years… the country that bombs funerals in Yemen and funds terrorists worldwide

Bill and Melinda #Gates give Modern Therapeutics $100 million to develop #vaccines

The Violence-Inducing Effects of Psychiatric Medication

Footage emerges of a giant “click farm” that uses more than 10,000 mobile phones to give product ratings and pages on social media websites “likes”

SC teen dies after drinking large diet soda, latte, energy drink, coroner says

Family’s private investigator: There is evidence Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to death

From 2011: Russian Speaker of the House Threatens to Destroy Countries Using Secret Tsunami weather weapon (YouTube)

UK survey finds 28,000 plant species for medical use (calls it a very conservative figure, likely higher)

Chris Cornell’s Family Says He Wouldn’t Intentionally Take His Own Life and Had Taken an “Extra Ativan or Two” Before His Death…

From May 2007: #Study: Self-harm and suicide associated with benzodiazepine usage…

From November 1997: #Study: Risk of suicide attempts after benzodiazepine and/or antidepressant use

From February 2011: Supreme Court #vaccine ruling: parents can’t sue drug makers for kids’ health problems

#China’s all-girl boy band…

“The CIA Has Been Deeply Humiliated” – Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange

From March 2017: What David #Rockefeller wanted built got built

From March 2017: #Rothschild-owned Caribbean Estate on sale for $67 million

United Nations Seeks charges against Editor for his reporting

From March 2017: Brave New World: Scientists ponder creating “Sheefs”, synthetic human “entities”…

Julian Assange: The CIA director is waging war on truth-tellers like WikiLeaks

Will the high-tech megacities of the future be utterly lonely?

U.S. Wants to Step Up #Saudi Support in Yemen

“Bill Nye Saves the World” is the most New World Order show of all time

#Saudi Arabia elected to United Nations women’s rights commission

U.S. airstrike was responsible for civilian deaths in Mosul, Iraqi officials say

Secretive meeting held in Queenstown, New Zealand includes FBI and CIA directors, probably discussing mass #surveillance

Bose headphones have been spying on customers, lawsuit claims

Venezuela’s socialist hell

Russia claims fake Facebook profiles are being set up to discredit it

Facebook goes virtual: Firm unveils #virtual reality and AR software as Mark Zuckerberg confirms it is developing a “mind reading” brain interface

The New York Times pushes #geoengineering

Hollywood Talent Agency CAA Forms Venture With Chinese Fund (#China)

More Americans suffering from stress, anxiety and depression

From January 2017: Video released by Chilean Navy shows flying object releasing #chemtrails

Canadians Report Glyphosate (from Monsanto’s RoundUp) Detected in 30 Percent of Food Tested

Japan readying for North Korea emergency

US sending dozens more troops to Somalia

U.S. military says misdirected airstrike in northern Syria killed 18 allied fighters

#pizzagate: Sexual abuse at elite Connecticut boarding school went on for decades

From November 2011: Boeing delivers MOAB bombs worth $314 million

Executions in #China said to outpace world despite decline

Assad: Chemical attack in Syria is “100 percent fabrication”

David #Rockefeller attended #Bilderberg Conference in Çeşme, Turkey April 24-27, 1975

Wikileaks David #Rockefeller files

Brian Williams disturbs viewers by calling Syria missile video “beautiful”

Sen. Rand Paul: Syria, Trump and another unconstitutional rush to war

Vegan mother is forced to give her two children #vaccines after High Court judge overrules her objections

Schoolgirl claims she was left PARALYSED by cervical cancer HPV #vaccine

With Trump approval, Pentagon expands warfighting authority

“That Poppy”: The YouTube Star Under Illuminati Mind Control

Connecticut considering weaponizing drones

Rand Paul meets with Matt Drudge

From aspiring pop star to paralysed in just days: 12-year-old left bed-ridden in hospital after being given HPV #vaccine

From December 2016: False flag? Egyptian police arrest five people for using children to stage fake Aleppo footage

Mumps outbreaks are spiking — and raising questions about #vaccine effectiveness

#CFR obsesses over the Arctic again

David #Rockefeller obituary

#Fear of Terrorism: UK targets WhatsApp encryption after London attack

Trump’s War on Terror Has Quickly Become as Barbaric and Savage as He Promised

John McCain: #new world order under enormous strain

Air strikes on Isis-held Mosul “leave 230 civilians dead”, reports local media

GSK builds $175M #vaccine plant

Renters now rule half of U.S. cities; American dream now a lease, not a mortgage

Authorities Question CIA Contractors in Connection With WikiLeaks Dump (so once again, CIA won’t get in trouble but leakers will)

The CFR covers media censorship in #China

Parenthood linked to longer life: study

American Citizens: U.S. Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone

Ron Paul: Whistle-blowers are heroic, patriotic

Symbolic Pics of the Month 3/17

US admits Syria airstrike that killed 46 but denies targeting mosque

Secretary of State Tillerson: Pre-emptive military action against N. Korea an option

The 62 agencies and programs Trump wants to eliminate

Washington Post pushes for mandatory #vaccines

Katy Perry Accused of Witchcraft by Nuns As She Wins Court Battle to Buy Their Former Convent

IMPD has had Stingray cell phone #surveillance device since 2012, new documents show

#Pizzagate: Group of women who say they were abused by former Prime Minister of the UK Sir Edward Heath also claim their parents ran a satanic pedophile sex cult that was involved in 16 child #ritual murders

#pizzagate: Lawsuit Filed After Teen Allegedly Forced To Have Sex With 1,000 Men Over 2 Years

#surveilance, #pizzagate: The Feds Would Rather Drop a Child Porn Case Than Give Up a Tor Exploit

CIA planned to hack cars and trucks to carry out undetectable assassinations claims WikiLeaks in #Vault7

WikiLeaks #Vault7: The CIA is using popular TVs, smartphones and cars to spy on their owners for #surveillance

Without a “world government” technology will destroy us, says Stephen Hawking… “might become a tyranny”

Ban on #Christian charity in India over accusations that it had converted Indians to Christianity

Pence: US will “use the full force of the law” on WikiLeaks after #Vault7

Five nightmare scenarios which show why Wikileaks’ #surveillance revelations are so terrifying (#Vault7)

FBI Used Best Buy’s Geek Squad To Increase Secret Public #Surveillance

Video shows owner asking Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa if it is connected to the CIA – causing it to shut down repeatedly #Vault7

From August 2013: Hastings thought his car was being tampered with (#Vault7)

Australian politician merely says parents should investigate whether or not to use #vaccines on their children… international media freaks out, calls the statement “dangerous”, “harmful”, “ill-informed”, “crazy”

20th Century Fox Used Fake News to Publicize “A Cure for Wellness”

Vitamin D pills “could stop colds or flu”

New World Order Pope urges having fewer children to make world more sustainable

#TSA Pat-downs are about to get more invasive… may mandate touching of passenger genitals

Government should not mandate childhood #vaccines in Oklahoma

#Agenda 21: Smart Cities, the future of city planning

#GMO: Study finds Subway’s chicken only contains 42.8 percent chicken DNA

Bloomberg saleswoman sues over rape, rampant drug culture

Golden-hued escalator, Benz limos, electric elevators… #Saudis travel with much pomp

Coroner halts inquest into death of Shazel Zaman, 13, days after cervical cancer #vaccine

A.T.F. Filled Secret Bank Account With Millions From Shadowy Cigarette Sales

McCain makes secret trip to Syria

Bill Gates warns of epidemic that could kill over 30 million people…

“I Told Steve Bannon: ‘We Are Not At War With Islam.’ He Disagreed”

#Federal Reserve: US wholesale #inflation sees biggest monthly gain in 4 years

#pizzagate: Jerry Sandusky’s son arrested on child sex charges

From November 2016: The Deleted #pizzagate Article by Vigilant Citizen… The article that changed it all

Russia sends spy ship near US coast, deploys banned missiles at home, officials say

#Vaccines: Trump asks about autism in educators meeting

Inflation surges in January by most in four years, CPI shows

Coming Soon To A City Near You: The US Military’s Plan To Take Over America

#pizzagate? FBI raids Ohio-based international adoption agency that “did not act in the best interest of children, especially to prevent the sale, kidnapping, exploitation and kidnapping of children”, operates adoption programs in Bulgaria, #China, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Honduras, India, Panama, Poland, Tanzania, Uganda and Ukraine

Watch for measles false flag in New Jersey because religious #vaccine exemptions are on the rise

Ben Swann’s Truth in Media site down, Twitter, Instagram, FB accounts gone after reporting on #pizzagate

Representative Thomas Massie joins in effort to end EPA

United Nations Whistleblower: UN Gave Names of Dissidents to Communist #China

Trump to focus counter-extremism program solely on Islam

#pizzagate: Prosecutors Weigh Child-Pornography Charges Against Anthony Weiner

SEAL, American Girl Die in First Trump-Era U.S. Military Raid

Secret Rules Make It Pretty Easy for the FBI to Spy on Journalists

From October 2016: BBC pushes belief that male and female genders are social constructs, more genders than two (YouTube)

College class teaches students to detect and respond to microaggressions, white privilege

Genetically modified cyborg dragonflies used for #surveillance

From November 2009: Artificial Snowstorms Wreak Havoc in Beijing #China (#geoengineering)

#Geoengineering: #China is controlling the weather and will soon make it rain over an area twice the size of France

Puerto Rico’s new government has hired #Rothschild & Co to help it develop a fiscal turnaround plan

Scientists develop fake news #vaccine, helping inoculate people against whatever the government deems as lies

In Blow to Globalism, Trump Withdraws From #TPP “Trade” Regime

Oklahoma Senator introduces legislation to make #vaccines mandatory for students

The FBI ran a child porn site

Paris #France deploys soldiers to protect mega-rich tourists

#Surveillance: New York City wants more information on where you’ve been, where you’re going and whom you’re with

#Guns: Ambushed Arizona Trooper Saved by Armed Passing Motorist Who Shot Attacker Dead

GMO grass “escapes”, spreads in Oregon and is difficult to stop

#China funds Paramount with $1 billion, expect more propaganda

At Davos: Globalist elite call for higher taxes, more redistribution of wealth to stop populism

#China steps up censorship for Trump inauguration

Ben Swann Does a “Reality Check” About #Pizzagate on CBS News … and Immediate Backlash Ensues

New U.K. #Surveillance Law Will Have Worldwide Implications

Martin Scorsese’s Silence Is a Win for Taiwan but Producers Are Worried About a #China Backlash

Transcript of President Trump’s Inaugural Speech

#Geoengineering? Rusty Patched Bumblebee placed on endangered list

Sellout media freaks out, says under Trump, the anti-#vaccine movement might just win

#Geoengineering clouds spotted over Australia from passenger plane

Secretive division of Facebook may be developing a mind-reading #surveillance device

Kunduz Attack in November Killed 33 Civilians, U.S. Military Says

The Rise of the #Cashless Cities

From May 2009: Merck Created Hit List to “Destroy,” “Neutralize” or “Discredit” Dissenting Doctors (#vaccines)

Fact-Checking The Claims by Dr. Daniel Neides That Question The Safety of #Vaccines

From December 2016: Nazi Grave in Brazil Endures as Marker of Secret Plan to Colonize

Article on by the Medical Director and COO of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute taken down because it said “we are being lined up like cattle and injected with an unsafe product” #vaccines (Update: article back up)

Airport shooter, appearing “agitated and incoherent,” said “that his mind was being controlled by a U.S. intelligence agency”

False Flag? FLL shooter told FBI that government intelligence agencies controlled his mind

From October 2016: #China’s forbidden babies still an issue (two-child policy)

Legendary From 2011: Ron Paul’s Full Speech at the Value Voters Summit (YouTube)

#pizzagate: Senior Facebook Employee (working on #virtual reality) Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting Unprotected Sex From Underage Girl

#Virtual Reality Allows the Most Detailed, Intimate Digital #Surveillance Yet

Creepy #surveillance: Data Recorded on Voice-Activated Amazon Echo Sought by Prosecutor in Arkansas Murder Trial

Are #vaccine makers influencing India’s immunization plan? (Of course they are)

From November 2016: Huge rise in “sextortion” by crime gangs using social media to entrap victims

Azealia Banks shocks the internet by posting video of blood-stained room she uses for witchcraft Rituals

The CDC’s New Quarantine Rule Could Violate Civil Liberties

#China state broadcaster rebrands in international push

Propaganda With a Millennial Twist Pops Up in #China

#China says won’t allow Hong Kong to be used as subversion base

Edmond de #Rothschild to close Hong Kong operations

#Fear of Terrorism: France extends emergency powers, police state

Psychiatrists Must Face Possibility That Medications Hurt More Than They Help

#Surveillance: The Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department have spent collectively more than $95 million on secret cellphone tracking technology and own more than 400 cell-site simulators

Kids Connecting on Social Media Are Less Satisfied With Real Life

Poland Officially Recognizes Jesus Christ as King

Erie hospital to pay, rehire ex-workers who refused flu #vaccines

Reuters: “Yahoo Inc.’s secret scanning of customer emails at the behest of a U.S. spy agency is part of a growing push by officials to loosen constitutional protections Americans have against arbitrary governmental searches, according to legal documents and people briefed on closed court hearings” #surveillance

Your social media addiction is giving you depression

From November 2016: Paper shows neurological damage caused by HPV #vaccine

Reaction to #vaccine kills two children in Bara

Judge Andrew Napolitano: America at Christmas

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama’s Birth Certificate is Forgery Press Conference 12/15/16 (YouTube)

Georgia secretary of state says cyberattacks traced to DHS addresses

One in 6 American Adults Say They Have Taken Psychiatric Drugs, Report Says

New priests to learn about global warming as part of formation

Facebook will start telling you when a story may be fake…

Sheriff Joe: Obama’s Long-form Birth Certificate Is Fraudulent

Girl, 16, left paralyzed in 3 limbs after having the HPV #vaccine

Evidence that price of silver is fixed

Trump pick for Secretary of State, CEO of Exxon Mobile who “accuses the #Rockefellers of climate conspiracy”

From March 1989: Satanism and #ritual abuse described in the journal Dissociation (PDF) (Warning: Disturbing)

#pizzagate From 1994: Conspiracy of Silence documentary (YouTube)

#pizzagate? Ted Gunderson, former LA County FBI director, links the CIA to Satanism and pedophilia (YouTube)

Washington Post: the internet is “a breeding ground for radical ideologies and bizarre conspiracy theories”… “Research has shown people who believe in conspiracy theories are more prone to violence”… Mentions Cass Sunstein suggesting the government enlist agents to enter chat rooms and raise doubts about conspiracy theorists’ ideas…

A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs

Georgia’s Secretary of State: DHS tried to breach our firewall

Stand Behind the Electoral College

Pope Francis, who wants a Communist Global Governmentcompares “fake news” to “taking pleasure in eating poop”

Hillary Clinton: “Lives are at risk” because of “fake news” and #pizzagate…

Andrew Breitbart tweet before death adds fuel to online speculation of D.C. sex-trafficking ring #pizzagate

From September 2016: #Saudi princess “made decorator kiss her feet” inside palatial Paris flat before allegedly telling bodyguard: “You have to kill this dog”

This iconic New York skyscraper might really be a secret NSA #surveillance hub

Colin Kaepernick grilled by Miami Dolphins reporter over Fidel Castro shirt

#pizzagate: Police break up massive Norwegian pedophilia ring involving two current or former elected officials, one teacher and a lawyer

From October 2016: #pizzagate Creepy Joe Biden Caught Groping Young Girls On Camera

A company called Disinfomedia: fake news intentionally created to discredit the liberty movement

Boston police set to buy social media #surveillance software

From December 2004: Human rights under Fidel Castro

From June 2005: Photos of Marina Abramovic’s Spirit Cooking that prove she is satanic #pizzagate

George F. Will: Fidel Castro and dead utopianism

“#Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite

Tourist town in #China uses face recognition as an entry pass

“Extreme #surveillance” becomes UK law with barely a whimper

Navy identifies mystery plane over Denver; Its mission still a secret (#chemtrails)(#geoengineering)

From September 2016: Syria Rebels Draw Closer to al Qaeda-Linked Group

Morocco Invests $100 million in #World Bank Green Bonds…

With Trump in Power, the #Federal Reserve Gets Ready for a Reckoning

#HAARP? At Least Two Dead, Tsunami Warning Issued After New Zealand Rocked by Strong Earthquake

Strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake hits northwestern Argentina…

The Clinton Foundation’s $20 million off-the-books mystery

BBC’s Children Show “Just a Girl” is About a Transgender Child Taking Hormone Blocking Drugs

#China based e-commerce giant Alibaba’s U.S. Growth Ambitions at Risk After Trump Victory

Is Trump about to help pardon Assange?

Under #surveillance in Russia

Disbelief, questions at The United Nations after Trump victory

Media freaks out: U.S. #vaccine programs set for shake up if President-elect Trump sticks to his word

Donald Trump’s election has Wall Street questioning the future of the #Federal Reserve

Ron Paul: What populism is really about

Marijuana legalization: California, Nevada, Florida voters say yes but Arizona rejects

From March 2012: Increased risk of non influenza respiratory virus infections associated with receipt of inactivated influenza #vaccine.. Basically the flu shot can cause you to get sick a lot. (PDF)

#Election 2016: Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta Invited to an Occult, Satanic “Spirit Cooking” Dinner by Marina Abramović…See the Wikileaks email here

Aluminum adjuvants and #vaccine safety: “research suggests that the loading of aluminum into viable cells offers a mechanism whereby significant amounts of aluminum, a known neurotoxin, might be translocated throughout the body and even across the blood brain barrier and into the central nervous system”

North Korea’s War On #Christianity: The Globe’s Number One Religious Persecutor

Will Iraqi #Christianity Survive?

Merck Revenue and Profit Rise on Cancer Drugs, #Vaccines… Caused the problem and provided the solution?

From September 2016: Tension between India and Pakistan… Pakistan claims India conducted a false flag to blame on them… Use of nuclear weapons threatened

In godless Buddhist Thailand, the king has become a god, and his government is worshipped

Federal agents enlisted local police to scan cars’ license plates at #gun shows

#Agenda 21: Amended California Rules Would Allow Driverless Cars

Emails on ex-congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop connect Hillary Clinton with crimes involving pedophilia, the Clinton Foundation and Jeffrey #Epstein… Could lead to arrests and life imprisonment

#China in 2020: Imagine a world where an authoritarian government monitors everything you do, amasses huge amounts of data on almost every interaction you make, and awards you a single score that measures how “trustworthy” you are…

Daughter of George W. Bush pushes #vaccines

#Fear of Terrorism: New airport security technology requires 10 fingerprints, iris scan and high-resolution photo of face

Lonely men are increasingly turning to Siri for love

World Bank appoints adviser to tackle LGBT discrimination…

Justice! Jury acquits all 7 leaders of #Oregon standoff

#Election 2016: 2006 Audio Emerges of Hillary Clinton Proposing Rigging Palestine Election

Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. Intelligence #surveillance

C.S. Lewis and Natural Law

From April 2015: Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal (#Election 2016)

#Saudi Arabia ruthlessly bombs funeral in Yemen

#Election 2016: Hillary Clinton in leaked email shows she knows #Saudi Arabia, who she accepts donations from and gave weapons to as Secretary of State, and Qatar are funding ISIS

Yahoo files patent for Minority Report-style smart billboard that will spy on people passing by

Colleges have no right to limit students’ free speech

U.S. enters #Yemen war directly for the first time with attack on Houthis; thereby aiding #Saudi Arabia and Al-Queda

London is a model modern #surveillance state due to #fear of terrorism

#Election 2016: The Press Buries Hillary Clinton’s Sins

Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/16

#Election 2016: New FBI release on Clinton email probe refers to “Shadow Government”

The #CDC is being being influenced by corporate and political interests

Duterte says he wants U.S. special forces out of southern #Philippines

#Vaccines: Autism on the rise in India

The Bayer-Monsanto Deal Will Fail the Food System

Bizarre Message Plays on “Hacked” Radio Station: “Trump Will Go 26th”

Washington Post takes heat for Snowden prosecution call

#Agenda 21: Get Ready for Freeways That Ban Human Drivers

#Saudi Arabia’s Proxy War in Yemen: The Graveyard of the Obama Doctrine

VAXXED Stories: Alabama Military Whistleblower on #vaccines and the Gulf War Syndrome

Dr. Bob Sears, who questions #vaccines and campaigned against SB277, accused of negligence by Medical Board of California and could have license revoked…

VaxXed Stories: Del interviews Dr. Bob Sears on #Vaccines (YouTube)

It’s Digital Heroin: how screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

Chicago begins extreme #surveillance under the guise of tracking fitness.. beehive-shaped boxes with cameras and sensors…

From September 1964: Peanut Oil Used in a new #Vaccine

Professors tell students: Drop class if you dispute man-made #climate change

District Attorney Nico LaHood and wife Davida tell the story of their son and daughter’s #vaccine injury to Polly Tommey of the VaxXed Team (YouTube)

#Philippines worried, says more Chinese boats spotted at disputed shoal

#Gun sales on track to set a record

Sen. Rand Paul: EpiPen scandal is a perfect example of #crony capitalism

#Election 2016: Gary Johnson asks “What is Aleppo”

President of the #CFR Haass, says terrorism can happen anywhere at any time, calls for more #surveillance in order to “promote collective security”…

From April 2014: Walmart benefits from billions in government subsidies (crony capitalism)

Wolf Blitzer Is Worried Defense Contractors Will Lose Jobs if U.S. Stops Arming #Saudi Arabia

#Fear of terrorism: 15 years later, Americans feel more vulnerable to terrorism

Duterte says he wants U.S. special forces out of southern #Philippines

#Saudi Arabia signs initial deals with #China on prince’s visit

#Saudi Arabia Ousts U.S. as Biggest Oil Producer, IEA Says…remember when oil executives in Texas thought the Saudis were trying to vanquish the surging American oil industry? Click here for that…

From January 1997: In Search of the Real Bill Gates, in which he says he has no evidence that the human soul is special or divine…

FBI Agents can pose as journalists, inspector general says

From March 2010: 5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted

BBC wants you to eat grasshoppers because they’re “eco-friendly” (#climate change)

Syrian army says U.S.-led coalition jets bombed it in support of Islamic State