The Mysterious Death of Tim Bergling (Avicii)

*Note: this article is not intended to accuse anyone of anything. Its purpose is to bring up the odd circumstances surrounding Tim Bergling’s death.*

Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, a Swedish Producer and DJ of primarily electronic music, allegedly commit suicide this past April by cutting his own throat and/or wrists using a broken wine bottle. The death came amid him planning and producing new music, making plans with his girlfriend, plans to train his dog professionally, and while he was on vacation. It also came a couple of years after his production of a music video showing child sex traffickers, including one in a high-level government position, being murdered for their crimes. It is with all this and more in mind that the circumstances around Tim’s death warrant further investigation.

Tim was at one point outspoken about human trafficking. His directorial debut, the music video to his song “For A Better Day”, deals with child sex trafficking, with two former victims growing older and getting revenge on their captors, by killing them and branding the word “pedofilia” on their bodies. One pedophile to be killed in the video is a powerful government official, showing the problem goes to high levels in government. It is a forceful and powerful message to all, including those powerful in government, who deal in child sex trafficking: they deserve to be hanged. Here is the video:

In the comment section of the video a vast majority seem to connect the death of Tim to his exposure of child sex traffickers, with comments such as “RIP Avicii he knew too much,” “he was silenced,” and “he was murdered, and this video shows why.” The reason for the video was further confirmed in an article published shortly after the video’s release:

The Swedish house DJ, one of the biggest stars on the global club circuit, said he was hoping to use his music for a greater social cause.

“The promise of a better life often traps families and children into being used as tools for some of the most despicable people on Earth,” he said in a statement Thursday, as he released the videos.

“It’s an issue about which I hope to start a louder discussion, especially now with the huge number of families on the move from war-torn countries looking for safety and shelter.”

Reporting on or exposing pedophilia in high levels has continuously shown to be dangerous. When “Pizzagate” (an alleged link between child sex trafficking and high-ranking government officials) became a large, worldwide story born from online message boards, it was highly ridiculed and attacked as “fake news”. When Ben Swann, a local reporter from Cincinatti, made a Reality Check segment about the story on a local CBS affiliate, he mysteriously deleted his video and all of his social media accounts and went dark for a year, as well as was suspended by the CBS affiliate. One of the most prominent articles about Pizzagate by “Vigilant Citizen”, was taken down entirely (as well as other articles on that website dealing with Pizzagate). However, it still lives on in an archived form here. The attacks on Pizzagate/pedophilia ring reporting came from high levels, including Hillary Clinton saying the articles “put lives at risk”.

Tim Bergling died on April 20th of this year (2018). Initially, it was unknown how he died. Many speculated it was due to drugs or alcohol, or due to his poor health (despite the fact he was not known to do drugs, and his health seemed much improved after he quit touring following his 2016 tour dates). His death occurred in the country of Oman. Oman is listed as a “Tier 2 Watchlist” country with regards to human trafficking by the U.S. Department of State. At first it was reported he died in the resort of Muscat Springs, where he had been staying for a week. But later it was revealed that he died outside of the resort, at a luxurious farmhouse owned by Omani royalty. The house is allegedly owned by a relative of the Sultan of Oman and surrounded with “high, imposing walls”.

During the final days of his life, Tim was still very much involved in planning more music, as well as having fun on vacation:

A day after arriving, he held a conference call with members of his management team, talking about which guest artists he wanted to recruit for new music. The conversation continued on e-mail over the following days. “All his notes were in happy mode,” says Per Sundin, the head of Universal Music Sweden, who was lining up meetings with possible collaborators. “He loved what he had created.” Avicii also posed for photos with fans at a resort and went kite-surfing and sailing with friends.


Tim (Avicii) also told songwriter/producer Joe Janiak, whom he had been recording with for two weeks prior to his departure to Oman, that he “would reach out when he returned from Oman” (Source). The last known picture taken of Tim shows him on a yacht in Oman, relaxing with his friends just one day before his death. He was with at least one longtime friend on his trip, Fredrik Boberg. Boberg’s last picture on Instagram shows him a few days before Tim’s death, surfing on a sand dune in Oman (location tagged). However, his Instagram has been changed to private recently with no further posts. Hopefully Boberg is ok wherever he may be now.

In addition to having plans about releasing and recording new music, a post by his girlfriend Tereza Kačerová on Instagram after his death revealed they were in a serious relationship and had many plans together, and appeared very happy.

Reports are that the suicide took place using a piece of glass from a broken wine bottle to cut his own throat and/or wrists. Slightly over two days after this death, two autopsies were completed and concluded no foul play. It indeed seems odd that two autopsies were completed so swiftly and concluded no foul play, considering it appears a criminal investigation would have to take place in order to be certain that Tim used the glass to cut himself, rather than someone else cutting him.

Tim’s rise to fame and retirement from touring was recorded in the documentary Avicii: True Stories released on October 27, 2017. The documentary was released on Netflix on March 31, 2018. However, following his death on April 20, 2018, Netflix have removed the documentary. The film shows Tim’s struggle with his Iranian-Swedish manager Arash “Ash” Pournouri over whether to continue touring. Tim split with Arash in December of 2016. In the film, Arash says the DJ “didn’t understand the value of money” or that “his decisions can have very negative consequences for other people” in his decision to retire from touring. Arash was the catalyst to Tim’s rise to fame, telling him he could help because he “had some friends in the industry”. According to Tim, Ash told him to “name one Swedish DJ you think is big right now.” After naming someone he told Tim “I’m going to make you bigger than him in one year”.

What really happened to Tim Bergling in Oman? Was it as the media portrays, he simply commit suicide while in the home of Omani royalty, or is there more to the story? Is it just coincidence that he happened to have made a popular music video showing child sex traffickers being murdered and branded as pedophiles? It seems more respectful to Tim to search for the truth, rather than to quietly accept the narrative.

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