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Dengue fever #vaccine could cause… Dengue

They Ran to the #United Nations for Help. They Got Tear-Gassed Instead: South Sudan’s peacekeepers not only failed to protect civilians during the country’s latest round of violence — it put them in even greater danger.

WSJ: “Authoritarian regimes have already proposed ‘Icann’ become part of the #United Nations to make it easier for them to censor the internet globally… The only thing worse than a monopoly overseen by the U.S. government is a monopoly overseen by no one—or by a Web-censoring UN”

Former #IMF economist, #CFR member, #Bilderberg attendee and Harvard Professor argues for a #cashless America

Depression, disease and no sex are some dangers of binge watching

#Election 2016: Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson supports mandatory #vaccines, federal EPA

More parents opting out of #vaccines for their school-age students

#Election 2016: New revelations show a nation for sale under Hillary Clinton

What you need to know about the HPV #vaccine according to the Irish Examiner

#Surveillance: Secret cameras record Baltimore’s every move from above

New York Police Broke #Surveillance Rules After 9/11, Inquiry Finds

Baltimore Police Will Continue Aerial #Surveillance Program

225+ heroin overdoses in 4 counties in 4 states in 1 week

#Election 2016: Trump says American Citizens could be tried in Guantánamo Bay

Scores of students without #vaccine proof sent home on first day of school in California due to #SB277

In Bangladesh Cyberheist: Strange Requests, Odd Misspellings and Little Scrutiny by Fed…

Get out of #gun control, Apple

#Election 2016: Clinton Foundation Advised #World Bank on Contracts That Netted Donors Millions

#Rothschild buys gold, sells dollar

From July 2016: Jeffrey #Epstein’s Pedophile Palace

Princeton HR department: Don’t use word “man”

Eugenics: The #UN Admits Role in Cholera Epidemic in Haiti

Ohio Turnpike may soon see self-driving testing

From February 2006: President of the CFR says Countries must cede some sovereignty to world government

From October 1993: Ruling Class Journalists: Washington Post discusses the CFR

CFR President Richard Haass bashes Trump’s and Sanders’s Foreign Policy as “Isolationist”

Texas businesses that ban #guns should be liable if unarmed patrons are hurt, Dallas senator says

#Election 2016: Statement by former GOP National Security Officials says Trump is not qualified to be President, written by Insiders including CFR member, former World Bank President and Bilderberg attendee Robert Zoellick

Of 77 “experts”, one says he/she “encountered evidence that indicates the existence of secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program (#geoengineering)… One says of the high aluminum concentration near Mt. Shasta “Unless, there is some kind of Aluminum pollution source in the direct neighborhood, the results for are ridiculously high and indeed suspicious”… 18 say trails are persisting for longer periods of time… 6 say there has been an increase in environmental aluminum, 3 say barium and 3 say strontium… (PDF)

How the #UN Silenced Liberia’s Press

The Strange Rites of the Ancient Olympics

#Election 2016: Orlando shooter’s father attends Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee

From March 1977: Army Conducted 239 Secret, Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests… “Cities where the public served as unknowing guinea pigs were New York, San Francisco, Key West and Panama City”

#China’s crackdown on dissent is described as the harshest in decades

War? Vietnam moves new rocket launchers into disputed South China Sea

From May 2016: In #China, Government Workers Push Rosy, Diverting Propaganda Views Online to Control the Population

From June 2016: NATO Secretary General: “Climate change is also a security threat”

From July 2016: CIA Director on the Geopolitical Risks of Climate #Geoengineering

#Vaccines? Fertility Rates Drop to Lowest Level Measured in the U.S.

Harvard study: Unsafe levels of toxic chemicals found in drinking water for six million Americans

#Election 2016: Inside the debate over probing the Clinton Foundation

How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen

Kerala child rights panel: Treat Anti-#vaccine “propaganda” as non-bailable offence

Family points to Gardasil #vaccine after daughter’s health decline

#Fear of terrorism: New security law in #Malaysia gives the Malaysian leader power to suspend civil liberties whenever he believes there is a security threat

Oliver Stone: Phone “allows certain parties to track your every move. Every time you make a call, send a text, we are giving them access. The information you’re putting out into the world voluntarily is enough to burn your life to the ground.”

From May 2013: #Saudi Arabian official filmed beating foreign workers with a belt as they visit passport office to get their visas

From August 2014: Slaves in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates

#Election 2016: With Billionaires Backing Her, Hillary Clinton Must Confront How to Deploy Them

Scotland Child Overseers to Push Homosexuality, Gender Confusion

The Dollar—and the Fed—Still Rule

Obama will bypass Congress, seek #UN resolution on nuclear testing

Reporters Without Borders calls on Germany to stop bill allowing German Federal Intelligence Agency to spy on foreign journalists (#surveillance)

The FDA just greenlit releasing mutant Zika-killing GMO mosquitoes in Florida

Malcolm Roberts: One Nation senator-elect says #UN trying to impose global government through climate chance policy

#Election 2016: The Clinton Foundation, State and Kremlin Connections #Russia

“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” is About Brainwashing by Mass Media and MKULTRA

Welcome to Zuckerworld: Facebook’s really big plans for #Virtual Reality “The goal is clear: to make VR technology that’s as real as life with none of the limitations”

Oliver Stone calls Pokémon Go #Surveillance Capitalism

#Election 2016: Hillary Clinton Holds $100,000-a-Head Fundraisers, one of them hosted by Lynn Forester de #Rothschild

#Election 2016: Why can’t Hillary Clinton stop lying?

New House coalition (House Fourth Amendment Caucus) fights rise in government #surveillance

#Election 2016: IRS Launches Investigation Of Clinton Foundation

An All-Seeing Eye In The Sky Will Watch Over The Rio Olympics

Cervical cancer HPV #vaccine suit filed over side effects in Japan

Voodoo festival in Haiti blends voodoo with Catholicism

Goldman Sachs hit with lawsuit that involves ties to Malaysian fund 1MDB

US-developed weapon system (#geoengineering)(#chemtrail) may cause global warming: Indian Government

While you track Pokémon, Pokémon Go tracks you

US air strike in Syria kills nearly 60 civilians “mistaken for ISIL fighters”

From April 2016: #Election 2016 Hillary Clinton’s dodgy answers on Honduras coup

FT freaks out: “Global disorder: from Donald Trump to the South China Sea”

#Election 2016 Tim Kaine as Hillary’s VP: pro abortion, anti tax cuts, pro restriction of the second amendment, pro Obamacare, supports increasing tax rates, pro internet sales tax…

#Election 2016 Mike Pence on Homeland Security: pro PATRIOT Act, pro warrantless wiretaps and surveillance, anti oversight of CIA interrogations, pro REAL ID…

Civilians reclaimed #Turkey from their own military after helping to end coup to overthrow ruling President Erdogan

Senior Fellow for Global Health at the CFR: #Brexit Is a Global Health Risk

CFR Member, North American Union supporter, former managing director at Goldman Sachs, former World Bank president, former U.S. trade representative and deputy secretary of state, and frueqent Bilderberg attendee Robert Zoellick on #Brexit: “America must shape events,” “the U.S. should support Britain’s internationalists,” “NATO can be another pillar of Britain’s internationalism” along with TTIP, and “U.S. initiatives should be coordinated with Berlin”

African Union Unveils Biometric Passport for #New World Order

Enforcing the Law Is Inherently Violent: A Yale law professor suggests that oft-ignored truth should inform debates about what statutes and regulations to codify

Lawsuit Challenges California’s New #Vaccine Requirements #SB277

#Election 2016: Hillary Clinton should not be above the law (by Rand Paul)

From December 2013: How the Nazis Used #Gun Control

EU Army on the way? EU cannot rely on NATO and needs new defense policy, says Brussels chief

Senator Mike Lee: Americans’ constitutional rights are not nuisances that the government must accommodate. Protecting these rights is the reason that government exists

The #UN Stays Silent on Press Freedoms

What are military #UN trucks doing in Virginia? Bemused motorists spot white “combat vehicles” on the interstate

C.I.A. And #Saudi Arabian Arms for Syrian Rebels Supplied Black Market

European Superstate to be unveiled: EU nations “to be morphed into one” post-#Brexit

Marine Le Pen on #Brexit: “British voters understood that behind prognostications about the pound’s exchange rate and behind the debates of financial experts, only one question, at once simple and fundamental, was being asked: Do we want an undemocratic authority ruling our lives, or would we rather regain control over our destiny? Brexit is, above all, a political issue. It’s about the free choice of a people deciding to govern itself. Even when it is touted by all the propaganda in the world, a cage remains a cage, and a cage is unbearable to a human being in love with freedom.”

Globalists worried #Brexit will bring down New World Order, World Bank, IMF, NATO and EU

Conflict of Interest: NE Ohio hospitals receive millions from pharmaceutical companies (#vaccines)

Columbus, OH Just Won $50 Million to Become An #Agenda 21 Megacity

#Brexit deflates hopes for #TTIP (which is a very good thing)

Exercise triggers brain cell growth and improves memory, scientists prove

Referenced Scientific Article: Combining Childhood #Vaccines at One Visit Is Not Safe (PDF)

#Fear of Terrorism: Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says #gun control is now a matter of homeland security

#Fear of Terrorism: Rolling Stone Mag says its time to repeal the second amendment, says it’s a “threat to liberty”…

#Vaccine policy triggers Baystate Medical discrimination suit

#Pope Francis rejects donation from Argentinian president with 666 in sum

Satanic ritual in Switzerland? World’s largest tunnel opens with bizarre ceremony

Orlando killer worked for DHS, State contractor

Why Are So Many Bankers Committing Suicide?

The List of #Bilderberg 2016 Attendees released by Bilderberg’s Own Website

2015 had lowest U.S. fertility rate ever

Big Pharma bombshell: Judge finds (#vaccine-maker) Merck lied in patent trial, overturns $200-million verdict

#Bilderberg group meeting: What actually happens at the world’s most secretive gathering of global elites, and who is attending?

#Bilderberg: still powerful but perhaps a bit more anxious this year

FBI planes circle Tucson, raising #surveillance fears

Snowden Tried to Tell NSA About #Surveillance Concerns, Documents Reveal

Sydney plans street-level traffic lights for people glued to their smartphones

Reddit CEO: “We Know Your Dark Secrets, We Know Everything”

Predatory Peacekeepers – #UN Soldiers Are Committing Widespread Child Rape

“The prevalence of autoimmune disease — disorders in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue in the body — has increased sharply in the developed world” due to “specific gene variants of the immune system”… And #vaccines have not been evaluated for mutagenic potential…

Inside the Secret Meeting Where Wall Street Tested Digital Cash

Uber Turns to #Saudi Arabia for $3.5 Billion Cash Infusion

From March 2016: The U.S. is quietly helping #Saudi Arabia wage a devastating aerial campaign in Yemen…

From April 2016: …How #Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen (that the U.S. is backing) has made al Qaeda stronger – and richer

Growing up in the era of smartphones: the age of likes, lols and longing

The device that eavesdrops on the voices in your head: Mind-reaching machine could soon turn your secret thoughts into speech

American Detained in North Korea Had 30 Guards to Himself — And They All Wanted to Know About the U.S.

#China State Media Promotes Rap Song Praising Karl Marx

Building robot McDonald’s staff cheaper than hiring workers on minimum wage

Hawaii Could Be First to Put #Gun Owners in Federal Database

Is Virtual Reality The Future of Film?

Will This Augmented Reality Machine Really Replace Your PC?

Witchcraft is the new feminism? Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/16

Washington Post demonizes liberty movement as anti-government #extremists, domestic terrorists with paranoid conspiracy theories

Elijah Wood: paedophiles in Hollywood have been protected by powerful figures in the movie business… abuse probably still taking place

New #Surveillance System May Let Cops Use All of the Cameras

Judge says HPV #vaccine didn’t cause ovary failure in sisters… because they “experienced stress and difficulty sleeping before their vaccinations” therefore ovary failure was imminent…

CIA “mistakenly” destroys copy of 6,700-page US torture report

Teenage daughter of a #Communist party leader in a former Soviet state sparks anger after posting selfies showing off her wealthy lifestyle

Bizarre: Nearly 100 schoolchildren “possessed by the devil” have “contagious visions” of man in black trying to kill them

Hidden Microphones Exposed As Part of Government #Surveillance Program In The Bay Area

Brave New World #genetic engineering: Scientists Talk Privately About Creating a Synthetic Human Genome

Massive #Surveillance at Music Festivals

Exorcism calls on the rise in Idaho

Human experimentation and weaponized mosquitoes released on civilians: Dugway declassified

Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender Jeffrey #Epstein’s jet much more than previously known (article also says Trump did not have friendship with Epstein, directly contradicting Trump’s own statements about Epstein being a “terrific guy”)

Study: When you take acetaminophen, you don’t feel others’ pain as much

#TSA warned flyers’ patience at “breaking point” over long lines

Teenage girl dies five days after receiving HPV #vaccine jab

Wicca Grows in Austin and Beyond

From September 2000: EPA tries to explain away #chemtrails (PDF)

#Vaccine Senator Richard Pan who introduced SB277 runs from Vaxxed crew

Why Glenn Beck Is Imploding (YouTube)

Irish teen’s health deteriorates after getting controversial HPV #vaccine

Brave New World: Human embryo survives outside the womb for 13 days – about twice the previous record – heralding a new dawn in scientists’ understanding of how life begins but triggering a fresh ethical debate #genetic engineering

Mystery aircraft stuns onlookers after bizarre vapour trail leaves people stumped over what it was (#chemtrail)(#geoengineering)

Twin Cities Man Has Microchips Implanted In Skin

Burning Man for the Illuminati “the desert party for the tech elite, with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and other billionaires

Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma vetoes #vaccination bill that “would have required doctors to provide four pages of ingredients in dozens of vaccinations” because it “could have led to an overall drop in immunizations of Oklahomans and their children”… So people go on not knowing what is in their vaccines

Virtual reality will completely transform children into zombies

Amy Schumer, relative of globalist Senator Charles Schumer, pushes #gun control propaganda under guise of comedy

Obama Puts His Weight Behind Smart-#Gun Technology

#Rothschild partners with Samsung Asset Management

#Chinese President Praises “Unyielding Marxist Atheists” as #Christian Woman Bulldozed to Death

#China is hard at work on creating virtual reality

#North Korea’s top military officials reportedly hold sex parties with young teenage-girl “pleasure squad”

The Secret Sex Parties of #North Korea’s Elite at (website currently down)

VAXXED pulled from Phoenix theaters due to censorship of anything questioning #vaccines

Hastert sentenced to 15 months in prison: The judge calls the former House speaker a “serial child molester” as Hastert apologizes for “mistreating” boys he supervised as a wrestling coach

From October 2015: Philippe Verdier, weather chief at France Télévisions, the country’s state broadcaster, reportedly sent on “forced holiday” for releasing book accusing top climatologists of “taking the world hostage” #climate change

#Election 2016: Sanders Defends Unconstitutional War in Syria, Backs Obama’s “Kill List”

Alberta parents who use natural remedies convicted in toddler’s meningitis death… “failing to provide the necessaries of life”

#China’s first intelligent security robot debuts in Chongqing

#China Riot Control Robot Can Zap Protesters

Tens of thousands of people are calling for a Target boycott

Why De Niro is backing the MMR doctor hounded out of Britain: Actor believes triple #vaccine risks are being covered up by pharmaceutical giants after his son “developed autism overnight” when he had vaccination

How Facebook plans to take over the world

Harriet Tubman on the $20: A Christian Gun Owner

23 Years After the Waco Siege, Watch Ron Paul’s “Fire Power”

Look Mao, no hands: China’s roadmap to self-driving cars (now the government can control where they go)

Chelsea Clinton: #Gun Control can be enacted with Scalia gone

Costco Looks Into Sponsoring Its Own Organic Farms

Court troubled by #surveillance excesses at FBI, NSA

Choose your gender: Parents blast barmy council for telling kids as young as 4 to pick sex “they identify with”

Why living around nature could make you live longer

“At the same time as an ever more bloated scientific bureaucracy churns out masses of research results, the majority of which are likely outright false, scientists themselves are lauded as heroes and science is upheld as the only legitimate basis for policy-making”: Big Science is Broken

#UN motorcade motorcade hits and kills a young boy in Cameroon

Hyperinflation leads to #cashless Zimbabwe

Controversial New Film Claims CDC Hid Data Linking #Vaccines and Autism: An Interview With Andrew Wakefield

How a Cashless Society Could Embolden Big Brother

The CFR posts about CRISPR: the Brave New World of enhancing human traits and permanently altering the inherited traits of species with “relative ease and minimal expense”

“A New Map for America”: Indian globalist and former CFR member, former Global Governance Fellow at the Brookings Institution Parag Khanna calls for the end of States, just interconnected megacities within 7 regions… Praises the Communist Chinese model of megacity hubs… Calls for building a “North American Union”

Signed by the Governor: Mississippi Constitutional Carry Law Also Sets Stage to Reject Some Federal #Gun Control

Robert De Niro on anti-#vaccine film controversy: “Let’s find out the truth”

I’m on the Kill List. This is what it feels like to be hunted by drones

New York Post normalizes adultery: Why more women are letting their husbands cheat

Holy Bible on List of “Challenged” Books at Libraries

Edmond de #Rothschild Group: U.S. Federal Reserve must remain independent of government and maintain secrecy

#Election 2016: Trump claims Republican Party is “disenfranchising people” with “crooked shenanigans” as Cruz picks up delegates in states where the billionaire won more votes

From June 2015: Exclusive: Alleged Dennis Hastert Sex Abuse Victim Named by Family

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert sexually abused 4 teens, prosecutors allege, also allegedly used hush money payments

The Senate’s Draft Encryption Bill Is “Ludicrous, Dangerous, Technically Illiterate”

Uganda: Parents Who Are Anti-#Vaccine to Face 6 Months in Jail… “Immunisation Card” Required to Access Education

Dr. Peter Fletcher, who was Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health in the UK, said if it is proven that MMR #vaccine causes autism, “the refusal by governments to evaluate the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical history”… says he has seen a “steady accumulation of evidence” from scientists worldwide that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine is causing brain damage in certain children

“Demonic” arches rising in New York and London on April 19, replicas of arches in front of Temple of Baal

De Niro speaks out about pulling #vaccine film VAXXED from Tribeca

Festival Threatened by “High Government Officials” Not to Show Anti-#Vaccine Film VAXXED

#Election 2016: Cruz snaring Trump’s Arizona delegates

The Great Energy Transition

#Saudi Arabia Plans $2 Trillion Megafund for Post-Oil Era: Deputy Crown Prince… This after #Rockefellers Dump Exxon Holdings That Made Family’s Fortune

“For those who have felt discriminated against because of their #Christian faith, this is the movie they have been hoping for”: God’s Not Dead 2

Atheists hand out pamphlets on topics like sex in the Bible, problems with the Ten Commandments and a Satanic activity book to middle and high school students in Colorado

Andrew Wakefield gets some press time for Anti-#Vaccine Film

CIA photographed detainees naked before sending them to be tortured

Utah Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleges Data Errors, Research Misconduct as CDC Report Releases U.S. Autism Rate of 1.5% (Cause by #Vaccines?)

Why we should fear a cashless world

From June 2014: Facebook reveals news feed experiment to control emotions

Media links being anti-#vaccine and #Christian with joining ISIS

Petition for Robert De Niro to screen controversial “Vaxxed” documentary about #vaccines at Tribeca Film Festival drawing thousands of signatures

Mass #surveillance silences minority opinions, according to study

#China newspaper editor “resigns over media control”

#Vaccines: Andrew Wakefield Responds To “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” Getting Axed By Robert De Niro And Tribeca Film Festival

Calls for an integrated Europe, joint intelligence services, cooperation on refugee policies and common European army after #Brussels attack

WAR IN YEMEN: Thousands of Yemeni civilians have been killed by #Saudi Arabia… Yemen’s branch of Al-Qaeda has grown more powerful… The United States has provided the Saudi-led coalition with intelligence, airborne fuel tankers and thousands of advanced munitions… Airstrikes landed on markets, homes, hospitals, factories and ports, and are responsible for the majority of the 3,000 civilian deaths during the yearlong war… More than 6,000 people overall had been killed in nearly a year of fighting… Intelligence gathered from reconnaissance drones flying over Yemen… State Department approval of $1.29 billion worth of precision bombs to Saudi Arabia

#Rockefellers Dump Exxon Holdings That Made Family’s Fortune

#Election 2016: 70% of Americans say the presidential election process is NOT working as it should

Robert De Niro reverses course, yanks anti-vaccine film from Tribeca lineup (after media viciously attacks him)

Robert De Niro defends Tribeca decision to screen anti-vaccine doc

#Election 2016: Ted Cruz Gains in Louisiana After Loss There to Donald Trump

Microbe with stripped-down DNA may hint at secrets of life… Even this stripped-down organism is full of mystery… Scientists say they have little to no idea what a third of its genes actually do… “We’re showing how complex life is, even in the simplest of organisms… These findings are very humbling.”

Weeks after #Oregon, standoff lingers over American West’s land ownership

#Saudi prince sued by owner of notorious Hollywood Hills party mansion who claims he trashed $100,000-a-month rental pad with wild cocaine and stripper-fueled party

#Fear of Terrorism: Ted Cruz wants to nationalize an NYPD Muslim surveillance program that the NYPD says didn’t work

#Fear of Terrorism: Associated Press warns of “wave of bloodshed”…

Tribeca Film Festival to air Andrew Wakefield documentary on #vaccine coverups and connections to autism

Ted Cruz’s Call to “Patrol and Secure” Muslim Neighborhoods Stirs a Backlash… “Similar to what happened in Nazi Germany”

#Fear of Terrorism: Cruz and Trump Say Boost #Surveillance of Muslims After Brussels, Trump says torture would have prevented attack

#Fear of Terrorism: Clinton calls for more #surveillance, police after Brussels attacks

Less Than 3 Percent of Americans Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Report: Obama denied a record 77 percent of FOIA requests

Chinese military space station in remote Argentina shrouded in mystery (for #geoengineering?)

Largest U.S. refinery now belongs to #Saudi Arabia

LAPD Investigating Human Skull Found in Shadow of the Hollywood Sign

The #UN uses “Red” from Angry Birds as climate change propaganda

Chevron Said to Work With #Rothschild on S. Africa Stake Sale

#Election 2016: Voters don’t pick nominee, we do: GOP official

President of #CFR Haass: #New World Order is New World Disorder (order out of chaos)

#Election 2016: Report Finds Registered Lobbyists Among Democratic Superdelegates

The Rapid Rise of Federal Surveillance #Drones Over America

President of CFR says it’s “time for ‘agonizing reappraisal'” of relationship with Turkey in Tweet…

…Car Bomb in Turkey’s Capital Kills at Least 27, Wounds 75

#Geoengineering: L.A. officials seeded clouds during storm

Colorado may set up #vaccine database to track kids

From November 2010: Memphis Pyramid’s Crystal Skull connected to New Ager cofounder of the Hard Rock Cafe

Nobody Knows the Identities of the 150 People Killed by U.S. #Drone in Somalia

Eagles of Death Metal Frontman: Security Might Have Been in on Paris Attacks

#Election 2016: Federal Reserve Governor’s Clinton Donation Raises Questions About Fed Independence

Pentagon report justifies deployment of military spy #drones over the U.S.

Veil of secrecy lifted on Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) planning “Avatar” fighters and drone swarms

VIDEO: Cellphone Footage Details LaVoy Finicum Traffic Stop, Shooting

FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting: “two state troopers shot Finicum three times in the back”

#Election 2016: Neil Bush, Jeb’s brother, joins Ted Cruz’s finance team

#Election 2016: At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump

#Election 2016: Seeing Trump as vulnerable, GOP elites now eye a contested convention

#Election 2016: Cleveland seeking to buy riot gear for Republican National Convention

Ohio lost 112,500 jobs due to trade with #TPP countries

Edmond de #Rothschild in Geneva Targeted by French Criminal Probe

The Main Contenders for the 2016 Presidential Election Are All Globalists

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Decline of morality: People are performing #abortions on themselves across the United States

CNN doesn’t want anyone to call breastfeeding “natural” because it could make people question unnatural things like #vaccines and #GMO’s

From April 2014: Dramatic, Little Known GOP Rule Change (to stop Ron Paul in 2012) Takes Choice Of Presidential Candidate Away From Rank And File Republicans And Hands It To Party Elite (this will impact #Election 2016)

Scientific paper which says the human hand was designed by a “Creator” sparks controversy

Insider? Donald #Trump Held Briefing With Richard Haass, Head of Council on Foreign Relations

Teen “possessed by devil” suffers violent convulsions in church after “threatening to kill mum”

Chick-fil-A: Ditch your phone, get free ice cream

Mystery woman in white terrifies Mexican village by wandering the streets at night, convincing them she’s possessed

Indian police charge former #UN climate chief with sexual harassment (Rajendra Pachauri)

Your Smartphone Knows Who You Are and What You’re Doing

Report: FBI “Declined To Get Involved” in Investigation of #Scalia’s Death

U.S. Marshals secretly tracked 6,000 cellphones using #Stingray technology

Ted Cruz’s Campaign Chairman Profited from TSA Nude Body Scanners

Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of a secret society, the American chapter of which was founded at Bohemian Grove

Apple further explains why it is objecting to the government’s order to add “backdoor” technology to its phones

From December 2015, President of Hillsdale College: Property Rights and Religious #Liberty

Ron Paul: Ted Cruz is no libertarian

Newsweek: Right-Wing #Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS

Apple CEO Tim Cook: “The implications of the government’s demands are chilling. If the government can use the All Writs Act to make it easier to unlock your iPhone, it would have the power to reach into anyone’s device to capture their data. The government could extend this breach of privacy and demand that Apple build surveillance software to intercept your messages, access your health records or financial data, track your location, or even access your phone’s microphone or camera without your knowledge.”

Fear of terrorism in France: “The emergency powers now in effect allow the police to conduct raids of homes, businesses, associations and places of worship without judicial review and at any time. The police can place people under house arrest even if they do not have sufficient evidence of wrongdoing to detain or charge them.”

Left-leaning economists question cost of Bernie Sanders’s plans, call them “magic flying puppies with winning Lotto tickets tied to their collars”

The Dark Heart of ASEAN: Obama administration reinforcing trend of tyranny in southeast Asia, conspicuously quiet about abuses in China, Brunei, Laos, Vietnam and elsewhere

FCC commissioner: U.S. tradition of free expression slipping away

#Zika: Argentine physicians claim Monsanto-linked larvicide is cause of microcephaly

Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara decided no autopsy of Scalia was needed, said he died of natural causes

Scalia found “in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled”

From November 2014: Charities claim that the satanic #ritual abuse of children is rife

From April 1989: #Ritual Abuse, Drugs, Death and the Occult Meet In Grisly Inquiry at Mexico Border

From May 1992: Report of Utah State Task Force on #Ritual Abuse

From December 1989: Reflections on Allegations of #Ritual Abuse

What Justice Scalia’s death means for 2016

NRA: Scalia death puts #gun rights in jeopardy

#China Says Its Students, Even Those Abroad, Need More “Patriotic Education”… aka more communist propaganda

From April 2014: Spies from #China at Sydney University

From January 2016: Are #Gates and #Rockefeller using their influence to set agenda in poor states?

A flu #vaccine is blamed for paralyzing 12 year old girl Marysue Grivna

Austrians Need Constitutional Right to Pay in Cash, Deputy Economy Minister Says

#Economy: Another crash could destroy capitalism

#Oregon Standoff: Cliven Bundy Arrested, Occupiers Say They Will Leave Refuge

#Election 2016: Despite Sanders Win in New Hampshire, Clinton Still Has More Delegates

US intelligence chief: we might use the internet of things to #spy on you

#Election 2016: GOP Candidates Voice Support for Waterboarding, Increasing Guantanamo Detainees

#Agenda 21 Forceful relocation into megacities? Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions

#Agenda 21: Forced relocation written into Paris climate treaty… Read more about forced relocation here

#Saudi Arabia offers to send ground troops to #Syria to fight Isis… Thousands of special forces could be deployed, likely in coordination with #Turkey…

Hawaii Lawmakers Kill #Vaccine Bill After Heated Debate

Whooping cough #vaccine fails miserably

Georgia babies dying weekly from SIDS… #Vaccines?

The British want to come to America — with wiretap orders and search warrants

#Zika Virus for sale, provided by The Rockefeller Foundation

Goldman Sachs Says It May Be Forced to Fundamentally Question How Capitalism Is Working

From 2002: Trump friends with Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery (and sex ring pervert, see previous #Epstein articles posted here)

#Economy: The Fed Wants to Test How Banks Would Handle Negative Interest Rates

#Election 2016: Microsoft app used to tally votes at Iowa caucus fails in some areas

#Election 2016: Voter fraud in Polk County, Iowa Caucus on C-Span video

#Vaccines: Number of California students classified as autistic jumps for 14th consecutive year

Soros and CFR Exploit Refugee Crisis for New World Order

“Eyewash”: How the CIA deceives its own workforce about operations

TV sets with microphones, web-connected cars, toasters, bedsheets, light bulbs, cameras, toothbrushes, door locks, cars, watches, teakettles, Samsung Smart TV’s: Study finds new technologies give government ample means to track…That study is here (PDF)

Eugenics: Zika virus blamed on anti-abortion laws…

Was Zika outbreak caused by release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil?

China is cracking down on Christians

Peer-reviewed article: “The fashion world has merged with a globalised death culture and made skulls, skeletons, and simulated corpses chic”

Jeb Bush: “I have enjoyed my relationship with the Council on Foreign Relations… I’m honored to have many CFR fellows advise me…” also worked with Mack McLarty on immigration policy (McLarty a key figure in the creation of NAFTA and FTAA, which was supported by the Council of the Americas, established by David Rockefeller in 1965)

Zika virus, like vaccines, causes Guillain-Barré

Zika virus fears boost vaccine-maker stocks

FBI Release of Rancher Shooting Video: More Questions Than Answers

Agenda 21: London’s first driverless cars…

BBC and Foreign Policy Mag Reporter on the New World Order: A stable world order will need leaders with a globalist vision

FBI shooting: Residents near Oregon occupation site debate FBI video

Family of slain Oregon protester challenges FBI account of his death

Rand Paul Returns to the Spotlight at GOP Debate

Rand Paul Presidential Campaign Office Burglarized, Computers Stolen

From July 2014: Brazil To Unleash Genetically Modified Mosquitoes…

…Brazil Grapples With Devastating Effects of Zika Virus

Lawsuits Claim Disney Colluded to Replace U.S. Workers With Immigrants

Chickenpox, Shingles Vaccines Linked to Rare Eye Inflammation

Presidential Candidates, Silent on Presidential Power (Except Rand Paul)

CITI and director of Carnegie Europe (CITI is where they call for negative interest rates and the end of cash): The new world order has finally arrived

Birth Control: As Zika virus spreads, El Salvador asks women not to get pregnant until 2018…

From June 2015: Rubio says Patriot Act “allowed us to thwart terrorist plots”, says it is a lie that the U.S. Government spied on its citizens, called that “lie” “misinformation and fear mongering”, then proceeds to say reducing the spying exposes us to “dangers of a radically changed and more dangerous world”

From May 2015: Marco Rubio calls for “extending section 215 of the Patriot Act” and “finalizing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” at the CFR

From November 2015: Rand Paul: Marco Rubio Wants Illegal, Unending War

Australia: WA mum’s fundraiser to avert homelessness highlights need for vaccine compensation scheme (at the very least…), husband may never walk again

Meningitis vaccine bill dies in Nebraska Legislature

“Fast & Furious” rifle capable of taking down helicopter found in “El Chapo” cache

Economy: World faces wave of epic debt defaults, fears central bank veteran

Bad news for U.S. economy

From September 2015: From Radio to Porn, British Spies Track Web Users’ Online Identities

From November 2010: GlaxoSmithKline Hired Writing Company to develop the outline and text for Doctors’ Book, Documents Say

From November 2008: Avatars and Second Life adultery, A tale of people falling in love in a virtual world and avoiding reality

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/16

Report Says Obama’s IRS Still Targets Based On Religion and Politics, IRS Denies It

Senate Blocks “Audit the Fed,” Preserving Central Bank Secrecy

From May 2005: “Building a North American Community” published by the CFR… One of the authors is Heidi Cruz, Ted Cruz’s wife who was an investment banker with Merrill Lynch, served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice, was the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, was Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick (who would become President of the World Bank), and was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City… Calls for North American Union

Ted Cruz Didn’t Report Goldman Sachs Loan in a Senate Race… Low-interest loan from Sachs and Citibank of $1 million… Cruz’s wife managing director at Goldman Sachs…

In Uganda: “high class witchcraft being exhibited in high offices”…

Rand Paul: Fox News and the GOP are trying to pre-decide the election

Europeans stocking up on guns after mass sex attacks

PHD thesis in Australia’s Wollongong University makes claim about a global vaccine conspiracy

Rand Paul: Ted Cruz “natural-born Canadian”

The Larger, but Quieter Than Bundy, Push to Take Over Federal Land

How China profits from population control

UN Peacekeepers May Have Sexually Abused More Girls in Central Africa

Bill Gates, GE, Exxon Mobile, Intel, State Farm and others all push for Common Core: How business got schooled

Judge Napolitano: Why Obama’s executive order on guns is unconstitutional

Rand Paul pledges “tooth and nail” fight against Obama gun measures

Fifth man working for publishers critical of Chinese government goes missing

The Smithsonian Magazine says Airplane Contrails May Be Creating Accidental Geoengineering

Don’t Trust Bernie Sanders to Audit the Federal Reserve

The TSA can now refuse your request to opt out of the body scanner

Christians in China feel full force of authorities’ repression

Gallup: Big Government Still Named as Biggest Threat to U.S.

Christmas, Christianity and Western Civilization

Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Block Obama from Executive Action on Gun Control

FDA must develop plan to label genetically engineered salmon, Congress says

New York City’s Flu Vaccine Mandate for Young Children Is Struck Down

Support for an assault weapons ban plummets to a two-decade low

E.U. uses migrant crisis as excuse for more power

From July 2012: GlaxoSmithKline fined $3 billion after bribing doctors to increase sales of antidepressants to CHILDREN that cause risk of suicide

Ottawa Public Health suspends 900 Catholic school students over not taking vaccines

Lives of 130 teenage girls “ruined by Gardasil HPV vaccine”, families claim

Global Pneumonia Vaccine Market Outlook 2020: $11 Billion

Oakville fire department in Washington puts up a Christian Christmas message and of course it causes controversy

Homeland Security deployed spy plane above San Bernardino for days after massacre

U.N. calls on entire world to “provide” government-run healthcare

Connecticut governor says he’ll ban gun sales to people on federal watch lists

The shrinking impact of mainstream media

Defense Contractors Discuss “Benefits” of Middle Eastern Conflicts

Amnesty report: ISIS armed with U.S. weapons

Americans stock up on weapons after California shooting

Fired over a flu shot: Office workers let go after refusing vaccine

Just as the CFR suggested: Faith to be used as climate change propaganda

Can’t Put Down Your Device? That’s by Design

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Urges Students to Carry Guns

Ulster County Sheriff: All Licensed Handgun Owners Should Carry Them

Arpaio calls on 250K armed citizens to stop terrorism and mass shootings

Gun Control 2015: Americans Are Buying A Record Number Of Guns For Christmas

Pathetic pro flu vaccine article: “A flu shot does kinda give you the flu. Sort of–ish.” “You can feel flu-ish after getting a flu shot. You may experience flu-like symptoms after the shot.” “When given with other shots, the flu shot can cause febrile seizures.” “You’re still not protected against flu-like viruses.” “Weirdly, some research shows that getting a flu shot two years in a row actually decreases vaccine effectiveness.”

Galway girls blame Gardasil HPV vaccine for lifetime of pain: “These girls all have very similar symptoms in common which they only developed after the vaccine and they can’t find out why they have them. They were all gifted at sports. We have a duty of care to them and to the next round of girls who get the vaccine – we could be robbing their teenage years from them”

Alan Grayson: I Will File Lawsuit Over Ted Cruz’s Citizenship If He’s Elected President

Global warming summit in Paris will produce “300,000 TONS of C02” as 50,000 people travel to Paris from across the world for two-week conference

From October 2015: Tom Brady blasts Coca-Cola and Frosted Flakes as Poison

Why in hell are exorcisms so popular?

The CFR discusses how to get around Congress for a “legally binding” agreement to reduce carbon emissions at Paris this week… Claims “the executive branch has existing authority to limit carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act” and “the Environmental Protection Agency already has substantial authority to issue regulations to limit carbon emissions”… So in Paris: “the Obama administration will do its best to reach international agreement on strong climate change measures that can be implemented by the Executive branch alone and that would not require the administration to submit the agreement to the Senate”

Media and politicians saying both guns and free speech (rhetoric) caused the shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado by a lone gunman… fear will be used once again to take away liberties

John Stossel: What happens when we don’t have guns?

Fear of Terrorism: After Paris, U.S. Political Shift on Privacy Vs. Security as Neocons call for more surveillance

Maoist cult leader accused of rape tells court he can “control people’s minds via a Chinese electronic satellite system called Jackie that can cause natural disasters”

Chinese Nuclear Plant Tracks Workers With RFID

Here is the “Just Pray” Ad that was banned (YouTube)

Genetically Engineered Salmon Approved for Consumption by Sellout FDA

From March, 1961: The Truth About the Polio Vaccines

Pfizer agrees to a $160 billion deal to avoid US taxes

Turkey and Russia in war of words over downed jet

Fear of Terrorism: Rand Paul says dishonest officials using Paris to promote surveillance

Schumer: Ban People On No-Fly List From Buying Guns

Lord’s Prayer ad cinema ban “rather chilling in terms of limiting free speech”

“The View” Libels Christians With Claim Hitler Was a Christian

China trying to “co-opt and emasculate” Christianity

U.S. and Chinese troops train inside United States

Signs the Economy is Slowing

Fear of Terrorism: CFR President Haass calls for more ground troops in Iraq and Syria; sending arms and intelligence to rebels; overthrowing Syrian president Assad; financial assistance to Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon; and a “rebalancing of individual privacy and collective security” in America

From May 2015: Confirmed Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” in a Proxy War Against Assad

Fear of Terrorism: France Moves To Strip Citizens Of Civil Liberties After Paris Attacks

Beirut, Also the Site of Deadly Attacks, Feels Forgotten

Fear of Terrorism: Hollande wants constitution changes, more security spending

Fear of Terrorism: Trump Calls for Watching and Studying Mosques After Paris Terror Attacks

Rand Paul Challenges Bernie Sanders To Hour-Long Debate On Socialism vs. Capitalism

IMF backs Communist Chinese Yuan as World Reserve Currency

China’s Air Pollution Is So Bad It Causes A 48-car Pile Up, 4000 Deaths per Day

Autism now 1 in 45 Children

Fear of Terrorism: France’s Hollande Orders Borders Closed, Paris Under First Mandatory Curfew Since 1944

How gun laws put the innocent on trial

Still No Dignity for Chinese Women

Time to Close the TSA

Rand Paul Went On The Offensive, Reshaped The Debate And Had His Strongest Performance Yet

Mothers sue the city over mandatory flu vaccines

The Atlantic: It’s time to start talking about geoengineering

33 year old shooting suspect’s bizarre courtroom outburst: “May 1st 1776, May 1st 1776, I stand for New World Order”

Office workers who refused flu shots suspended without pay

The Great Exorcism Boom

How Law Enforcement Can Use Google Timeline To Track Your Every Move

Doctors Without Borders Staff Shot While Fleeing Kunduz Hospital, Report Finds

Bluebeam? Missile? Mysterious light in sky spooks California

Secretive TPP: text published online

From October 2003: FDR may have had Guillain-Barre from a vaccine, instead of Polio

Chuck Norris speaks out about Geoengineering and Chemtrails

How the FBI Can Detain, Render and Threaten Without Risk

TSA’s Secret Behavior Checklist to Spot Terrorists

Reuters special report: Beijing’s covert radio network airs China-friendly news across Washington, and the world

“Colossal waste”: DOD slammed for $43M, US-funded gas station in Afghanistan

VIDEO: Administrators literally shred Constitution after undercover reporter calls it “oppressive” and “triggering”

Family believes flu vaccine left their daughter paralyzed, blind

Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

Church of England: Talking about Christianity does more harm than good so just stop discussing your faith openly

Rand Paul Is Right: The Fed Is Increasing Inequality With Its Low Rates

Undercover Tapes Reportedly Reveal Jared Fogle (of Subway) Bragged About Raping Children

The military lost control of a giant, unmanned surveillance blimp

Menominee Indian Tribe Says DEA Destroyed Hemp Crop

“Mirage” of floating city appears in sky above China… Project Blue Beam?

Amy Schumer, senator cousin call for “crusade on guns”

UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet

Nurses Union Wins Battle Over Vaccinate Or Mask Policy. Here’s Why

“I am a prince and I do what I want.” Cocaine-crazed Saudi royal “threatened to kill Los Angeles mansion staff who watched him being pleasured by male aide…”

Ron Paul Liberty Report: Death of a Patriot

Groups aligned with Black Lives Matter have started taking part in weekly conference calls with Washington’s top gun control advocates

Clinton suggests she’d consider mandatory gun buy-backs, sparking fears of confiscation

Agenda 21: Oslo aims to make city center car-free within four years

Former Journalist Appeals for Further Investigation of HPV Vaccines (An Open Letter to Canadian Media)

In Court, Ron Paul Accuses Feds Of Targeting Rand’s Campaign

The Drone Papers

Brown Signs California Bill Letting 12-Year-Olds Get HPV Vaccine Without Parents’ Consent

From May 2015: Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department

From December 2014: Why Christians Deserve Attention

Christianity under global threat due to persecution, says report

CNN Uses Jeb Bush Staffer Planted In Audience To Attack Donald Trump

Professor condemns HPV vaccine after winning $270K federal grant to study it

Turkey bomb massacre kills 97 and injures over 246…The Atlantic: Turkey Is In Serious Trouble…The CFR: Turkey Is At War With Itself…Flashback: Turkey under scrutiny by their CFR bosses, questioned about the independence of their central bank, joining the EU, their relationship with Russia, and their reaction to ISIS

Armed Guards Protect Senate Democrats As They Demand New Gun Control Laws

Bribes, greed, corruption: UN high post, ensnared in alleged bribery scheme, is ripe for risk; no vetting, oversight…

Dictatorship: Obama considering executive action on restricting citizens’ natural right to own a gun

Ukraine vs. World Government… National protocol violated with respect to polio vaccines, W.H.O. wants Ukrainian citizens injected anyway

Flu Vaccines “only 38 percent effective against H3N2”, and only “63 percent for influenza B and 65 percent for H1N1″… And remember, they have not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or impairment of fertility…

Pope Francis warns bishops against conspiracy theories

Chemtrails? NASA launches Barium and Strontium into Ionosphere

Time to talk about gun free zones

The Globalist Washington Post calls for a Gun Free Society

Nurse Reuses Syringe While Giving Flu Vaccine… The solution: GET ANOTHER SHOT

Horrifying moment girl “possessed by the devil” screams and convulses after playing Ouija board app

One Day After Warning Russia of Civilian Casualties, the U.S. Bombs a Hospital in Afghanistan

Do citizens (not police officers) with guns ever stop mass shootings? (YES)

Negotiators strike Pacific trade deal (THE TPP)… Read about the dangers of the TPP here

Presidential candidate / atheist / Columbia University grad / Transhumanist: “I just got a computer chip implanted in my hand — and the rest of the world won’t be far behind”

Oregon Sheriff (where shooting took place) spoke out against state and federal gun control legislation last year; also said he would refuse to enforce new gun-control restrictions “offending the constitutional rights of my citizens” in letter to Joe Biden

Oregon gunman singled out Christians during rampage

This 35-year-old Republican congressman (Justin Amash) could revolutionize the House. He should be speaker.

2-year-old girl mysteriously dies within two days of taking vaccines

China puts two activists on trial for “subversion of state power”

Trump Proposes Replacing Obamacare with Government-Funded Universal Healthcare

Feds getting more involved in local police affairs

Narcolepsy cases linked to flu vaccine subject to new compensation dispute

From May, 1974: Rainmaking Used As Weapon In SE Asia (Weather modification tightly controlled by Henry Kissinger)

Coming Soon to Checkouts: Microchip-Card Payment Systems

Geoengineering: Growing Number Believe California’s Drought Is A Government Conspiracy

Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Saudi Prince, arrested in 22000 square foot LA residence… Suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and battery… May have attacked other women inside the home for several days… “Extreme,” “outrageous,” and “despicable” behavior… Neighbors reported seeing a bleeding woman screaming for help as she tried to scale an 8-foot-high wall that surrounds the property… Freed Thursday afternoon after posting $300,000 bail…

American University’s faculty senate unanimously passes a resolution to Champion Free Speech on Campus

Colleges limiting free speech: The Coddling of the American Mind

Paul Ehrlich says Pope’s climate push is raving nonsense without population control

US-trained Division 30 rebels “hand weapons over to al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria”

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies

Facebook does not care about your privacy

Gallup Poll: Half in U.S. believe government is an immediate threat

Ron Paul Liberty Report: As Greeks Return To Barter, The Lies of Government Money Are Laid Bare

Flashback Video: “Ron Paul – Bernie Sanders destroyed Audit the Fed Bill at the last minute”

The goal of combining religion with the UN, Sustainability and World Government

From December, 2008: And now for a world government

Pope Francis Wants A Communist Revolution and Global Governance

Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics (PDF)

Donald Trump Exports Jobs and 7 Other Things His Fans Ignore

The UN Says US Drone Strikes in Yemen Have Killed More Civilians Than al Qaeda

App Exposes Sellout Politicians

U.S. training helped mold top Islamic State military commander

Homeschool parents sue New Jersey, allege “unlawful, unconstitutional home intrusion”

TPP protesters arrested in Wellington… See the dangers of the TPP Here…

Two vaccine-derived polio cases in Ukraine and one case in Mali… The solution? Vaccinate EVERYONE

Corrupt? Vaccine billionaire buys the former U.S. consulate in Mumbai for $113 million – making it the most expensive residence sold in India’s history

US interest rate rise could trigger global debt crisis

From March 2013: Monsanto Protection Act… 5 Terrifying Things To Know About The HR 933 Provision

The extremist New York Times compares climate change “deniers” to Hitler and says they will cause “the next genocide”

From February 1993: Twin Towers Engineered To Withstand Jet Collision

The Courage of the Chinese Christians: “God’s United Front”

Government issues “Sovereign Citizens” warning to HUD employees, warns of those who believe the County Sheriff is the supreme law enforcement officer, believe in common law, believe the Federal Reserve is illegitimate, use silver as currency…

Kenya: Two Children Dead, 10 Admitted After Measles Vaccination in Marakwet

30 German Alternative Medicine Practitioners Poisoned With Amphetamines

Dissent is brewing inside the Vatican

FBI Agents Attended Burning Man Festival To Collect Intelligence, Documents Show

TSA agents plotted to grope (aka molest) good-looking passengers (surprised?)

Outbreak of rare, mutated poliovirus that originated from vaccine in Ukraine leaves two children paralyzed

Primary Source: University of Chicago study says criminals almost always get guns illegally

Renewed calls for gun control laws spur sales

King of Saudi Arabia is a total elitist, vain and full of pride; books every room at DC hotel

Galileo, C S Lewis, and the the spiritual significance of the cosmos

Judge Says NSA Program Is Unconstitutional, “It’s Time to Move”

The Washington Post tries to legitimize pedophilia in the wake of Jared Fogle… Says it is not a moral problem but a wiring of the brain problem… Compares child porn collectors to stamp collectors…

Malaysia will use RFID stickers to track vehicles

US Military Veteran Courageously Speaks Out About Geoengineering And Government Tyranny

Scientific American asks: Can Geoengineering Save the World’s Ice?

Vaccines? U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Stays High, Report Finds

South African Regime Embraces Chinese Communism, New World Order

Banking Ties Could Hurt Joe Biden in Race With Populist Overtone

Japan complains to UN over Ban Ki-moon’s China military parade visit

Parents urged to treat the fever triggered by new meningitis vaccine

YAL students confronted while passing out Constitutions

No Lemonade for You! Police Shut Down Jerry Seinfeld’s Son’s Stand for Charity

John Hopkins U scientist questions CDC push for flu vaccine

Vester Flanagan chase: BBC journalists covering WDBJ shooting “threatened by Virginia police”

Majority Of Voters In Iowa, New Hampshire Want Feds To Respect State Marijuana Laws

France launches national debate on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines

From May 2014: The Role of Government, and Where Liberty Comes From

Malaysia to block websites promoting anti-government rally

Malaysia’s independence stolen with foreign donation

Discovery of MORE Mass Graves in Malaysia Renews Criticism of Heartless State Department

Obama rubs elbows with Harry Reid’s corporate welfare lobbyists

Uprising Against HPV Vaccine Mandate Sweeps Rhode Island

DoD manual allows journalists to be held as “belligerents”

A Hindu Sect’s Suicide Death Ritual Clashes With Indian Law

Trump: “If I’m Going Down, Then Bush Is Going Down with Me”

World Bank calls for global water management…

Leaders of Ron and Rand Paul Campaigns under attack! Accused of conspiracy, obstructing an investigation, causing false reports of campaign spending, scheming to make false statements to the FEC, making false statements to the FBI…

What I learned at Ron Paul’s 80th birthday party

Wow, Spotify’s New Privacy Policy is Atrocious

Mine’s owner says he tried to keep out EPA but was threatened with fines

Currency collapses, around the world

From March 2015: How the American opiate epidemic was started by one pharmaceutical company

Study: Chickenpox vaccination increases incidence of shingles in younger adults

Judge Andrew Napolitano describes how the United States Constitution prohibits Donald Trump from carrying out some of his bold immigration proposals

Walter E. Williams on Academic Fascism

World Health Organization (WHO) freaking out about “Vaccine Hesitancy”

Kissinger and Goldman Sachs-supported Jeb Bush: NSA needs broader powers to combat “evildoers”

Audit of U.S. Postal Service Shows Extensive Use of Surveillance

How the British Gun Control Program Precipitated the American Revolution

Catholic News Agency: UN development goals for ‘reproductive health’ likely to increase abortions worldwide

Tyranny: Maine court rules state could order child’s vaccination against mother’s wishes

A Trail of Evidence Leading to AT&T’s Partnership with the NSA

Chris Christie’s fact-free attack on Rand Paul

The Federal Government taking control of the States using fees/punishments: The Vaccinate America’s Children through Complete Information & Education Act of 2015

Fascism: FDA Approves OxyContin for Kids as Young as 11

From February 2015: Isis Supports Polio Vaccination Campaigns…

Opinion in The Baltimore Sun: HPV vaccine is neither safe nor effective

The Guardian: We’re a year into the unofficial war against Isis with nothing to show for it

Petition to legalize marijuana in Ohio gets enough signatures for November ballot

Oath Keepers Reportedly Attacked By Law Enforcement And Rioters

Newsweek: Who Are the Oath Keepers and Why Are They in Ferguson With an Reporter?

Jury Nullification in the News: Nullifying juries more interested in justice than some prosecutors

Los Angeles Enacts “Confiscatory” Ban on Ammo Clips That Carry Over 10 Rounds

Hindu Goddess Kali (Kali means black, time, death, lord of death) Takes Over Empire State Building In New York

CFR member admits: The Dark Side of U.N. Peacekeepers

A perfect way to get the people to love embedded microchips: All NFL Players Are Getting RFID Chips This Season

Catholic Bishops In Kenya Call For A Boycott Of Polio Vaccines

Rand Paul and Chris Christie Clash on NSA Spying

Time Magazine pushes virtual reality

Man in China gets 12-year term for putting anti-Communist slogans on TV

Goliath Gate: Archaeologists Uncover Entrance to Biblical City of Gath

Report: Costs of Autism to exceed $1 Trillion by 2025

The Wall Street Journal: States should refuse to comply with Obama’s lawless power rule

Denver DA Charges Man With Tampering for Handing Out Jury Nullification Flyers

Report: Hundreds of Civilians Killed by U.S.-Led Bombing of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Sens. Ernst, Paul, and Lankford: Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Human Life

A false flag against the second amendment? Assailant in Garland, Texas, attack bought gun in 2010 under Fast and Furious operation

Planned Parenthood and the barbarity of America

Video: Planned Parenthood VP Says Fetuses May Come Out Intact, Agrees Payments Specific to the Specimen

Video: Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

California Senator Richard Pan who fought to make vaccines mandatory faces recall efforts

Rep. Bill Posey Calling for an Investigation of the CDC’s MMR Vaccine reasearch fraud

California’s record-breaking wet July by the numbers

From Feb. 1992: Nazi Josef Mengele (known as the “Angel of Death”) Performed Abortions in Argentina

Florida Gov. Scott Orders Inspections of Planned Parenthood Offices

Jeb Bush says humans cause Climate Change

AND NOW FOR NEW YORK: Bill would end religious exemption for vaccines

Between fact and fiction: the Rothschilds in China

Video by Euronews about the mass Malaysian graves that Obama is ignoring in order to get the TPP passed

IMF tells Europe to print more money (aka devalue their currency)

New Hampshire Bill Banning Warrantless Location Tracking Signed into Law

CA Citizens Cleared To Start Recall Of Senator (and Ballot Initiative That Would Invalidate The law Also Cleared)

U.S. marshals raid Sheriff Joe’s office

Detroit’s Satanic Statue Unveiled Before Hundreds Of Revelers [VIDEO]

Obama “most frustrated” by inability to pass gun control

Mexico’s Cardinal Sandoval: “there are international organizations that conform to a new world order that seeks to destroy the family, the Catholic Church, and national sovereignty, which are seen as ‘nuisances.’… the root can be traced to the demon, who is very connected to death, because he is a murderer since the beginning”

U.S. House approves bill banning state and local GMO label laws

A false flag? Media connects Louisiana gunman with Rand Paul, Christians, Tea Party, Anti-Abortionists, and the right wing in general

 Dilma Rousseff Was Tortured By a Regime Henry Kissinger Supported. This Week, They Met

Democrats drop Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson names from annual fundraising dinner…

The New York Times asks “Is Polygamy Next?”

Germany, Greece and the New World Order

Adolf Hitler tried to arrange a marriage between Germany and the British royal family

Secret 1933 film shows Edward VIII teaching this Nazi salute to the Queen

From March 2015: Secret Nazi lair possibly found deep in Argentine jungle

“Mr. Obama deliberately structured his Iran negotiations to make Congress a secondary party to the U.N.”

Kerry: U.N. has the right to vote on Iran deal before Congress

The New York Times publishes “A Way To Control Guns”, Calls For Researching and Producing Smart Guns

GSK fined over vaccine trials; 14 babies reported dead

Any possibility of corruption here? Vaccines market to swell to $40 Billion by 2020

Goldman Bankers Are Jeb Bush’s Top Backers for White House

The Megabanks (Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase) Are Betting on Bush and Clinton

Murder rates drop as concealed carry permits soar: report

Nicky Hilton Is Marrying a Rothschild

Rockefeller Financial Services: portfolio value of $4.83 billion… increased its stakes in Oracle, Microsoft, United, and Merck… Top positions includes J.P. Morgan Chase

Dissolvable microneedles to replace injected flu vaccines…

Israel and the tyranny of Saudi Arabia are united on Iran deal

The UN, Germany and the corrupt World Bank to set up land governance network in Africa

Obama To Upgrade Malaysia On Human Rights Despite Mass Graves, just for the benefit of the TPP

Pope Francis attacking capitalism; World Bank pushing for global wealth redistribution; Communism on the rise worldwide; George Soros funds the Institute for New Economic Thinking which calls for a new international monetary order run by central banks; President of Bolivia gives pope a wooden crucifix shaped like a hammer and sickle, wears Che Guevara patch on his jacket

Geoengineering research taking place in Silicon Valley with funding from Bill Gates

Iraq now in debt to World Bank at least $1.7 Billion

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., on Mercury in Vaccines

“One of the largest human experiments in history” was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco

Henry Kissinger’s book World Order full of contradictions and lacks facts

Comic-Con: Christian Activists Disrupted By “Beast Rises” Satanic A&E Show “Damien” Promoters

Rockefellers Hit the Jackpot With Obama Administration Nuclear Deal With Iran

Jade Helm 15, heavily scrutinized military exercise, to open without media access

Communist Pope receives gift of crucifix mounted on hammer and sickle

CA state rep in USA Today: Vaccine bill SB277 “too broad to be constitutional”

What the Declaration of Independence Really Claimed

The Declaration of Independence and God

Children got excessive doses of wrong vaccines at “Shots for Tots” clinic… Clinic shut down… Nursing supervisor and nurse in charge both resign… Investigation launched

“Salem County officials said that a major concern for the 2-year-old boy was he might suffer neurological effects from receiving the ‘excessive dose’ of the vaccine”

Vaccines causing narcolepsy

Pope calls for new world ecological, economic order

Jeb Bush not only supported by Henry Kissinger as posted on this site, he also lands top New Jersey billionaire David Tepper

Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children

The Rockefellers’ Deep Involvement in Iran

The World Bank deleted a section of a report that slammed the Chinese government

Sheriff Joe Affirms Obama’s Birth Certificate Fake

Ron Paul Liberty Report: California’s “Corporate Fascist” Vaccine Law

California Vaccine Bill Battle Erupts Into All-Out Political War

Researcher who committed academic fraud to fake HIV vaccine results actually goes to prison for it

The global market for the meningococcal vaccine alone expected to hit $3.76 billion by 2019

Ghost schools a window into China’s one-child policy future

Jim Carrey stands up for liberty, denounces new California vaccine law SB277 on Twitter

Jerry Brown takes away liberties of Californian citizens, signs tyrannical vaccine bill SB277

Rand Paul Stands Up For State’s Rights

Family cries foul over ‘suicide’ of anti-vaccination doctor Jeff Bradstreet and raise $20,000 to fund private investigation

“I had a nest of insects inside my body, I wanted to die”: Revealed, how Italian priests are conducting EXORCISMS to break “voodoo spells” put on terrified Nigerian migrant girls by traffickers who force them to work as prostitutes

Leaked Survey: World Bank A Place Of “Fear And Retaliation”

World Bank ‘Feature Story’ Sings Praises of Criticized Project

Doctor, who claimed vaccines caused autism, dead of apparent “suicide” after federal agents searched his office

Mysterious Death: Body of Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism Found Floating in River

Rothschild chairman’s exit raises eyebrows at storied bank

Get hit by a massive earthquake, end up in debt to the World Bank for half a billion dollars…

Trade Promotion Authority for the TPP passes… The Republic dealt a major blow…

The TPP: A 100th birthday gift for David Rockefeller

Pope Francis must love Mao Zedong… Says there is an “urgent need for us to move forward in a bold cultural revolution”

The “G-7 leader’s declaration” is a list of goals for the New World Order

The Scientific Pantheist Who Advises Pope Francis

Mainstream media agrees with the DHS, says homegrown right wing extremists more dangerous than radical Muslims…

Protestors on World Bank projects harassed, jailed

More RFID Chip Propaganda: This Time Euronews

$131 Million for just two meningitis vaccines

The Sacramento Bee: Drug companies donated millions to California lawmakers before vaccine debate

The Corrupt World Bank Embraces The Pope

Moscow Times: Russia-China Alliance Could Launch New World Order

Texas Wants Its Gold Back From The Feds

Rand Paul To Unveil Plan To Replace IRS Tax Code With “Fair and Flat Tax”

CHIPPED: N.Y. State Senator Proposes Using GPS Implants To Track Violent Convicts

U.N. “peacekeepers” engage in transactional sex

A new method of gun control: “smart guns”

Iran giving free vaccines to Pakistan and Afghanistan… I’m sure they’re safe…

Download Festival in England embraces New World Order: Festival adopts RFID cashless technology in the form of a “dog tag”, not possible to opt out of the tag, uses facial recognition technology

Download Festival: Facial recognition technology used at event could be coming to festivals nationwide (England)

Billionaire: $25M Prize to Solve Global Warming by Geoengineering

Schools monitoring pupils’ web use with ‘anti-radicalisation software’

New York Times pushes overpopulation myth, says Paul Ehrlich was right about the growing population’s catastrophic consequences, connects having kids to causing global warming and high CO2 emissions, says “empowering women” is the best way to “control emissions”…

White House launches frantic campaign to save TPP, TPA (fast track authority)

Ted Cruz continuous to sell out, claims TPA Doesn’t Give Obama More Power, Jeff Sessions “Not Accurate” On TPP

China: Staking Claim in the New World Order

Bilderberg: the world’s most secretive meeting

Bilderberg 2015: 4 things we know about the secretive Bilderberg Group and 1 thing we’ll never know

TSA has no excuse to continue the groping

Idaho school district buys guns to safeguard against shooting rampage

Rand Paul Slams Rubio over Obamatrade: “We Should Read Legislation Before We Vote on It”

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against the PATRIOT Act – May 31, 2015

Judge Napolitano on NSA spying: Today in America our government keeps us neither free nor safe

Baron David de Rothschild’s Bank Fined Over U.S. Tax Dodging

Brazil considers vaccines and GM mosquitoes to tackle dengue fever…

NPR covers vaccine court… Article 2

NPR covers vaccine court… Article 1

Liberty victory: Texas Lawmakers Expand Right to Carry Guns on College Campuses

Actor Vince Vaughn Is As Pro Gun As It Gets

Freedom under fire: Congress eyes requiring gun liability insurance

Covering Guns: Columbia University’s “workshop” for journalists far from objective

WikiLeaks announces $100K bounty for TPP text!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is A Huge Step Toward World Government

Kylie Jenner Tweets About Chemtrails To Her 9.41 Million Followers!

INSIDERS: “Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer claimed Christie’s lieutenant governor, Dawn Zimmer, denied the city Hurricane Sandy-rebuilding funds because the mayor would not sign off on Rockefeller Group’s plans to redevelop a three-acre site it owns across the Hudson River”

Rothschilds Support Clintons, pledge to “give more” to the Clinton Foundation

Clinton Foundation donors got weapons deals approved by the State Department

New Israeli Government to Parents: No Vaccines, No Child Benefits

The United Nations Foundation created by billionaire Ted Turner, along with a branch of media giant Thompson Reuters, is starting to train a squadron of journalists and subsidize media content in order to propagandize Agenda 21 and World Government

Immoral New York Times calls for more adultery, says “Infidelity Lurks in Your Genes”, claims “sexual monogamy is an uphill battle against your own biology”… The same New York Times that declared the dollar as “god”, said it has achieved something “no god, no prophet, no messiah has been able to do”

Scott Walker: I Don’t Stand With Rand on the side of the fourth amendment

Chemtrail Haze in Mexico creates news-worthy sun halo

Sellout Senate Advances CONFIDENTIAL TPP…. Here are the votes

HAARP? Strange noise heard across the globe for nearly a DECADE – but nobody has an explanation

Mandatory vaccines bad for California, U.S.

New threat to liberty: the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015

Vice: Simulated Worlds Will Soon Be Indistinguishable From Reality

Regarding TPP and the New World Order: Trading Away Your Freedom by Foreign Entanglements

CA one step closer to mandatory vaccines: California Senate approves SB277

Attack on Liberty Continues: Vermont House Repeals Philosophical Exemption to Vaccines

UK Telegraph Calls For Making Cash Illegal

Vaccines? First Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, now Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood

2 Babies die, 37 others sickened by vaccines in southern Mexico with 1 in critical condition and 14 in serious condition

Lynn Forester de Rothschild and her husband Sir Evelyn (from the banking family) are partial owners of The Economist… and Lynn is “an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter”

Australian PM’s adviser says U.N. using climate change for New World Order…. Here is his article

Ted Cruz’s Reaction to NSA Ruling Proves He’s a Fake on the Fourth Amendment

Texas Congressman Gets Why Some Texans Are Worried About a Military Takeover

Chinese province to ban rooftop Christian crosses

France launches criminal inquiry into alleged sex abuse by U.N. “peacekeepers”

Extreme secrecy eroding support for Obama’s trade pact

Climatologists Blamed California Drought On Global Cooling 40 Years Ago

“Soldiers burned down houses and crops, beat people and butchered livestock”… NPR covers the World Bank and forced relocations

The Hypocritical World Bank

Whooping Cough Epidemic Hit VACCINATED Kids Hard

Rothschild family estate boasting 34 homes, 1700 acres of land, an award-winning stud farm and two reservoirs goes on the market for £24 MILLION… but you should live in a microapartment

FBI informant Al Sharpton Calls for DOJ to “Take Over Policing,” “Going to Have to Fight States’ Rights”

Leaked report details “the rape and sodomy of starving and homeless young boys by French peacekeeping troops”… And the UN aid worker was suspended for leaking this report

UN and UNESCO Bosses to Join Communist Tyrants at “Victory Day”

Central Banks, including the IMF, suggest further devaluing the U.S. Dollar at a faster rate

Baltimore Orioles Executive Vice President: “The innocent working families of all backgrounds whose lives and dreams have been cut short by excessive violence, surveillance, and other abuses of the Bill of Rights by government pay the true price, an ultimate price, and one that far exceeds the importance of any kids’ game played tonight, or ever, at Camden Yards.”

Preview of what’s to come: Pakistan to begin microchipping and tracking suspected terrorists…

The California Vaccine Battle Continues: CCA President Dr. Brian Stenzler Interviewed On Channel 6 San Diego

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: Richard Haas “came on set. President of the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations]. He said he wanted to talk about the Trans Pacific Partnership”

Secretary of State John Kerry, from Skull and Bones, calls for passage of TPP and TTIP, using “fast track” (so Congress cannot read it or amend it)

What part of this is constitutional? New Agenda 21 Dept. of Energy document calls for smart grids and more (PDF)

China Uses Quake To Shore Up Influence In Nepal

Nepal nailed by 7.8 magnitude earthquake, at least 1500 dead…

India, China Seek To Capitalize On Nepal’s Water Wealth…

The Pro-TPP Council on Foreign Relations confirms: Under the TPP “an unaccountable international tribunal” would have “the ability to rule on behalf of foreign corporations against the U.S. government—as well as state and local governments”…

Report calls for everything in hotels that “has value and enhances guest experience” to have “an RFID chip in it” such as “bathrobes, duvets, blankets and so on”…

Jeb Bush is a big fan of NSA surveillance

Homeland Security opening an office in Silicon Valley, to strike fear in technology companies…

How do Californians feel about SB277?

How The World Bank Is Financing Environmental Destruction

Make No Mistake — the United States Is at War in Yemen

Vaccines? Breast cancers predicted to rise by 50 percent by 2030…

When The World Bank Does More Harm Than Good

Temporary victory: California bill to kill personal-beliefs exemption for vaccines stalls

Chinese Government Should Protect Religious Liberty

Oath Keepers Muster in Oregon to Prevent 139-Year-Old Gold Mines from Being Seized by BLM

The Ivy League’s favorite war criminal: Why the atrocities of Henry Kissinger should be mandatory reading

Jeb bush, whom Henry Kissinger chose to be President, supports strengthening NATO (just as the CFR would want), tightening sanctions on Iran (just as the CFR would want), and he’ll deploy troops all over the world…

Globalist TPP gets closer to passage… U.S. Congressional Leaders Advance Trade Bill

Under the TPP: multinational corportations “would be empowered to challenge regulations, rules, government actions and court rulings — federal, state or local — before tribunals organized under the World Bank or the United Nations”

Never be dependent on Government… Australia to stop welfare cash of anti-vaccine parents

Fascism: Judge orders Ontario girl to get (untested) measles vaccine amid parents’ dispute… See link below for the vaccine inserts… They have not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or impairment of fertility…

More Pro-TPP Propaganda: US Defense Secretary says TPP as Important as Another Aircraft Carrier

Global Chief Economist at Citi Calls for Negative Interest Rates and the End of Cash

AGENDA 21: Restrictions on water usage in CA are to lower the standard of living of CA citizens… Big corporate agricultural use of water not restricted… Half the CA water managed by feds, not given to farmers or general population…

“America is the real terrorist and my boys are the best”: Boston Marathon bombers’ mother on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s guilty verdict

Americans are armed and protected!

Military preparation for an EMP attack continues… Gearing for a false flag? Will be blamed on Iran?

Report: Iran sends navy vessels near Yemen amid airstrikes… U.S. sends arms to Saudis, this will strengthen Al Queda… See here for more on the conflict.

President of the CFR publishes propaganda piece for the TPP in the New York Times… Says if congress is allowed to read it “the agreement would collapse”…

World Bank funds connected to “displacement, loss of livelihoods, fear, violence, criminalization and repression”

World Bank sends another $350 million to Ethiopia… Even after the money was connected to forced relocations…

UN Climate Chief: We Should ‘Make Every Effort’ To Reduce Population Increases

With Western Help, Chinese Communists Build “New World Order”

Tech titans’ latest project: Defy death

Turkey under scrutiny by their CFR bosses, questioned about the independence of their central bank, joining the EU, their relationship with Russia, and their reaction to ISIS

Victory: Kansas to allow residents to carry concealed guns without permit!

The Rockefeller Foundation and Johns Hopkins University sued over the evil Tuskegee experiments!

TPP Power Grab: World Bank, Goldman Sachs, CFR

A Day in the Life of the Fastest Growing Megacity in the World, Chongqing

Here’s the ‘ugly scenario’ that’s about to happen if Greece doesn’t get a bailout deal

“If only my father knew that I know David Rockefeller and Jacob Rothschild, he would be so proud,” says former mayor of New York City, gun control advocate, abortion supporter, Iraq war supporter, PATRIOT act supporter, micro-apartment advocate, and person who says the Constitution has to change as a result of “terrorism”, Michael Bloomberg

These people are sick: Warm teas, comfortable robes, natural wood floors, plush upholstery… And abortions

Ron Paul: Repeal, Don’t Reform the IMF

What tyranny looks like: martial law in Thailand

Geoengineering petition surfaces on White House Petition website

The World Bank helps China to maintain their communist tyranny, discusses relocation of farmers into megacities

The NYT loves talking about death… Here’s how to best end sick teenagers’ lives

Saudi Arabia begins airstrikes in Yemen, attacking the Houthis, and therefore strengthening the Houthis’ enemies, Al Queda

Singapore, who “enjoys a close security relationship with the United States” and “is also a close partner to Washington on a wide range of counterterrorism initiatives” is praised by the Council on Foreign Relations as “enlightened authoritarianism” in which “the good of society takes precedence over the rights of individuals”, saying their “distinctive formula of economic liberalization combined with restrictions on political freedoms has been the envy of many governments around the region and the world”… and that the country is “disciplined, industrious, pragmatic, straight talking, and always ahead of the curve”

NYC’s new gunshot detection system recording private conversations…

America is Communist

San Diego sues Monsanto!

Driverless electric cars in a heavily populated megacity: Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Economic City

EXTREME PROPAGANDA: Pharrell preaches message on climate change at U.N. to children

Jeb Bush’s Fascism

The fruits of chemtrails? One in ten wild bees face extinction in Europe

The Gates Foundation invests in private, for-profits such as vaccine-maker CureVac, and bKash (who turns cell phones into digital wallets, one step away from an rfid chip)

Trials of Ebola vaccines are underway in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, and citizens are justifiably suspicious of them and even claiming their government was infecting citizens with Ebola to squeeze money out of donors

GOOD NEWS: Bills Banning Most Vaccine Exemptions Fail in Northwest

Unexplained Calls for Help Lead Police to Toddler in Overturned Car

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia says Trans-Pacific Partnership is a New World Order ploy to establish a “one world government”… Conference accuses a secret group of elites of conspiring to rule the world

Slate: Mass Government Surveillance Is No Joke

China claims it’s not seeking a New World Order, clearly is

Religious exemption for vaccines debated in N.J. Senate

Ohio State to require vaccinations for incoming students

The pure propaganda of Communist China’s leader Xi Jinping

from CNBC!! “Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease”

World Bank admits it doesn’t keep track of how many people are forced off their land due to its loans… read more in this special report

Rothschild looks to organize Ukraine bondholders ahead of talks

Tyranny: Pakistan jails 471 parents who refused to give polio vaccine to children

Under an all-seeing eye, the New York Times declares the dollar as “god”, says it has achieved something “no god, no prophet, no messiah has been able to do”

University of Oregon opens mass vaccination clinic

The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’

Editor At Large For Time Magazine Calls For Official Censorship Of Anyone Who Questions Vaccines

DHS report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat

AGENDA 21: New York’s First Micro-Apartments, Prefabricated in Brooklyn

In Yemen, the Houthis fighting with Al-Queda… and Saudi Arabia, who benefited from the Middle East’s destabilization, siding with Al-Queda…

Fluoride in drinking water may trigger depression and weight gain, warn scientists

Head of UN Climate Change panel, Pachauri, quits after sexual harassment complaint

Secrecy around police surveillance equipment proves a case’s undoing

Fruits of the New World Order: The new American economy… healthcare the job of choice for the debt-ridden middle class because so many people are sick with cancer

Attacks continue on Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed bill

Head of the UN tells Americans to “forget that you are American citizens” and instead “you should have a global citizenship”

Vaccine manufacturer admits aborted fetuses are used in the making of vaccines

World Bank receives funding from the Rockefeller Foundation to help create more megacities… such as the planned-opolis and others described in this post

China and their Family Planning Commission (the one-child policy implementers) collaborate with the World Bank and the Gates Foundation on health “care” aka Eugenics

Rutgers University professor says geoengineering is very real and could end in all-out war

Scientists Seek International Authority on Climate Geoengineering…

Copenhagen Wakes Up to New World Order as Police Cover City

Obama Administration defense strategy includes advancing an “international order” by leading at the United Nations, “modernizing” NATO, signing the TPP and TTIP

Mother Jones insanely claims vaccines are a weapon against global warming! No joke!

The CFR wants all religions to combine together and with climate activism, wants to “move towards interdependence, interconnectedness” instead of individualism… Calls for having “rituals” to nature

World Bank includes “opt-out” clause allowing countries to choose not to respect indigenous peoples’ rights, also lacks transparency and declared it does not have to follow international laws, causes mass walkout in protest

The New York Times discusses Geoengineering again! Admits it could be used “to bring drought to once-fertile regions” or “used unilaterally as a weapon by governments or even extremely wealthy individuals”

War Criminal CFR/Bilderberger Globalist Henry Kissinger Chooses Globalist Insider Jeb Bush for President: Sources

Your Samsung SmartTV Is Spying on You

Wake Up, America: It’s time to audit the Federal Reserve

Meanwhile… The Globalist Washington Post comes out as extremely pro-GMO and pro-Vaccine, and declares anyone who does not believe in either of those (or who questions global warming or evolution) as science-denying Bible thumpers

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

ISIS allows for continued vaccination in areas they control! Quote: “Very happy to report that in just the last couple of weeks ISIS, for all of its many flaws, has actually permitted and issued a statement saying it will continue to permit polio vaccination in its controlled areas of Syria and Iraq.”

The Saudis, who benefited off of the Middle East destabilization, are directly connected to the 9/11 false flag

A Sad Day for Human Liberty: University of California to Require UNTESTED Measles Shots for Students

Federal Reserve freaking out about Rand Paul wanting to audit it, says it is “risky”, “misguided”, and a “tremendous mistake”

Fascism: from Chinese child pornographers to money launderers, visas approved regardless because Harry Reid, JP Morgan Chase want them approved


President Obama says there are no reasons not to get vaccinated! He clearly hasn’t read the inserts! (Link to inserts below)

Former head of the IMF held pimping parties

World Bank loans directly connected to forced labor!

Protestors chant ARREST HENRY KISSINGER FOR WAR CRIMES in front of him and many other globalists

Communist Cuba’s Leader calls for the “construction of a New World Order”… A “new economic, financial and monetary international order” guided by “the United Nations Charter and international law”

Office puts RFID CHIPS under staff’s skin to “understand this technology before big corporates and big government come to us and say everyone should get chipped – the tax authority chip, the Google or Facebook chip”

Greece: communists take power, want to stay in eurozone but don’t want to negotiate with creditors… Not sure how this one will end

As Rand Paul reintroduces Audit the Fed bill, of course the globalist media ramps up their attacks on him and says his father Ron Paul is too hardcore and should “shut up”

The middle class is being destroyed as a result of the Federal Reserve and high taxes and regulations

The destabilization of the Middle East that the U.S. government supported resulted in the Saudis getting more power over the entire region

The CFR is very worried about Greece leaving the Eurozone…

Sen. Paul Proposes an Audit of the Federal Reserve

Europeans are realizing the EU does not represent them… And it may soon fall apart

World Bank publishes propaganda, says investment in agriculture has helped Ethiopia’s economy, fails to mention forced relocation

YouTuber uses Freedom of Information Act and receives information on HAARP’s weather manipulation

The UK lowers flags after death of brutal dictator tyrant from Saudi Arabia…

Central bank prophet fears QE warfare pushing world financial system out of control

Investors in the abandoned land include the “Saudi Star”


AGENDA 21: The World Bank DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTED to forced relocation of a mostly Christian population in Ethiopia… Forced to move by military and police… “Arbitrary arrest and detention, beatings, rape, and other sexual violence”… The abandoned land was then leased by the government to investors…

24 Unvaccinated Students Banned From OC High School! One step closer to forced vaccinations…

A CFR member admits: the west was born of our Judaeo-Christian heritage, and depends upon it… And our rights and freedoms are drawn from our Judaeo-Christian understanding of the inherent dignity of the individual

Argentina and Iran: The Strange Death of Alberto Nisman

Britain is finding out that free healthcare for all is not free and does not work

Oil executives in Texas feel the Saudis are refusing to cut supplies in order to vanquish the surging American oil industry

Media attack on Rand Paul intensifies, and is based on attacking his father Ron: talks about “ghosts of his father”, his father’s “fringe ideology”, his father’s “rabid fans”, Ron being “unrestrained”, in this article alone

EXTREME PROPAGANDA: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants you to tweet #vaccineswork and has created “art” infused with pro-vaccine messages… Even though vaccines have not been tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility

United Nations at the CFR: We Need A “More Interventionist Global Architecture”

Markets tumble after World Bank warns of global slowdown

Europe’s leading Rabbi: Jews must begin carrying guns


Victim of Epstein is afraid for her life


From 2008 article: Was Epstein Wexner’s Gay Lover?

Every Property Owned by Sleazy Financier Jeffrey Epstein

The Ghislaine Maxwell Connection

2006 article on Jeffrey Epstein scandal suggests the victims were followed aggressively by mysterious private investigators

Jeffrey Epstein scandal: women with new identities run firms from Epstein-linked property

The girls silenced by Andrew’s friend the sex abuser: As Fergie leaps to defend the Duke, court papers reveal efforts pedophile made to stop victims from speaking to FBI

Illuminati Sex Ring?

Another Rockefeller becomes distinguished fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (club for globalists)

Ron Paul: “Reality Is Now Setting In For America… It Was All Based On Lies & Ignorance”

In 2015, Christianity May Be Making a Comeback

CFR creates task force chaired by former army general David Petraeus and by Robert Zoellick of World Bank/Goldman Sachs to push forward on the North American Union

In Philippines, spirituality includes warfare against forces of darkness

Bill Gates funds creepy pro-vaccine “art”

Maoists in China, Given New Life, Attack Liberty

Sydney venue cancels seminar by US anti-vaccine activist Sherri Tenpenny

New York Times says questioning vaccines/climate change is a conspiracy theory and dangerously subversive

“Experts” say those in India who are pregnant should take flu vaccines, despite those vaccines not being tested for impairment of fertility

Chinese authorities tear down cross on Christian nursing home

CIA admits it was behind UFO’s

Like the Romans, the Chinese are threatened by the real Christmas

India: Boy mutilated and sacrificed in witchcraft ceremony

Police chief admits to posting rants on Facebook about the second amendment in order to feed information about possible “extremists” to the FBI

U.N. Still Pushing Global Arms Regulations

U.N. Disaster Chief Warns of More “Natural” Catastrophes to Come

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So December 2014

Global heads resolve for ‘new world order’

The Chicago Sun-Times deleted an article about Christianity under siege!

Christinity spreading in India and the Hindus are not happy about that

Hindu outfit plans to end Christianity by 2021

Here’s an article demonizing doctors who support their patient’s making their own choices about vaccines. It says take the risk in vaccines because life is a risk…

The ugly side of the affordable care act now showing it’s face: “cost effectiveness”, or choosing who to keep alive based on the “efficiency” of the decision… Again, eugenics is becoming apparent in public healthcare

TN City Bans Negative Social Media Comments About City Government, Employees, Contractors

The Charmed Life of a CIA Torturer

IMF gives Pakistan $6.8 billion

US offers legal immunity to Ebola vaccine makers!

Jonathan Gruber’s 1997 paper: “abortion saved the government over $14 billion in welfare expenditures through 1994″… Eugenics?

Architects of C.I.A. Interrogation Drew on Psychology to Induce ‘Helplessness’

Homeland Security is running around saying 100 million people could lose power… similar to an EMP

Support for gun rights at highest point in two decades

Woman ‘Burns’ From Inside Out After Reaction to Friend’s Medicine

The Senate Report on the C.I.A.’s Torture and Lies

Wisconsin Police Dept Ask Residents To Volunteer To Have Homes Searched For Guns

The Washington Post claims people worried about vaccines are irrational and full of misinformation, that saying flu vaccines are dangerous is erroneous… and yet they never mention that vaccines have not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility

China in very serious dispute with the Philippines…

…The Philippines gets nailed by another massive typhoon, and the UN steps in to “help”

British senior military officer calls for the British army to ditch Christianity altogether, calls Christianity a made up narrative

this Asian Century may be better described as the Asian Christian Century

World Development Report 2015 explores “Mind, Society, and Behavior”

The UN is criticizing the U.S. local police forces, and States’ rights

CDC sticks with its advice that everyone six months and older should get a flu vaccine every year, despite the fact that they have not been adequately tested

The U.K. Is Becoming A Tyranny

Central Banks continue to control and manipulate the entire world economy

MODERN DAY JOURNALISM: This article says if you get the flu right after taking the flu vaccine, it wasn’t the vaccine… and flu shots can prevent heart attacks… and that flu vaccines don’t benefit Big Pharma

New breast cancer vaccine proves safe in early clinical trial, I bet once again the insert will say “has not been tested for carcinogenic potential”… See the link to the vaccine inserts below

Another article trying to say that flu vaccines are safe despite killing 13 people in Italy…

The New York Times Reports on Oathkeepers!

Police shut down ‘Oath Keepers’ guarding rooftops in downtown Ferguson…

Treasury Issues $1T in New Debt in 8 Weeks—To Pay Old Debt

The UN accuses local police of being brutal and racist

2 paragraphs about the flu vaccine being suspended for killing people, 7 paragraphs about how safe the flu vaccine is and that you should get one every year

Christian Bale on Studying Moses: He Was a Terrorist Who Would Have Drones Sent After Him In Today’s Society

The United Nations Is Trying To Capitalize On The Ferguson Situation, Criticizing The Federal And State Levels, And The U.S. Justice System

If You’re Pregnant, Go Ahead And Take A Vaccine That Hasn’t Been Tested For Impairment Of Fertility

GlaxoSmithKline Making Moves

Merck buys rights to NewLink’s experimental Ebola vaccine

World Bank: Change your behaviors, your technologies, your economy, and your institutions… Or extreme weather will become normal

Increased pressure on Chinese Christians to conform to Communism

School expels 8-year-old daughter whose mother refused to give her vaccine booster shot that family doctor deemed unsafe

Thunder, Lightning, Ice Pellets Larger Than Hail, and 6 Feet of Snow… All At The Same Time

Ebola Vaccination Effort Underway At UMd. School Of Medicine, Will Eventually Be Tested On Thousands of Africans

Yes, there is HCG in the tetanus vaccines in Kenya… Yes, researchers did develop birth control vaccines in the early 1990s by grafting HCG onto tetanus… But these Kenyan vaccines are not for population control, because the WHO said so

U.S. Federal Reserve to review how it supervises major banks (yeah right)

An Introduction to Trading Away Your Freedom

UK’s David Cameron: The Problem Is Extremists, The Solution Is Additional Power For Me

WHO: Trust Us, The Vaccines Are Safe

N.J. 10-year-old competitive shooter draws national attention in gun control debate

More Federal Agencies Are Using Undercover Operations

CFR Daily News Brief November 14, 2014

Rare Vaccine-Derived Polio Discovered in 2 Countries

The Rise of Christianity in China